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PRODUCT FEATURE: Vapour Combustion Units (VCUs) – FlareTech Inc.

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FlareTech has 40 years of industry experience in committing to serving the oil & gas industry while minimizing environmental impacts and addressing our client’s diverse needs.


PRODUCT FEATURE - Vapour Combustion Units (VCUs) - FlareTech Inc.

  • Useful when space is an issue
  • Can satisfy a landowner’s request for no visual flame.
  • Run off natural drafting of air through the base of the VCU
  • Must run at or near design capacity to run efficiently
  • Requires strong calculations of waste gas pressure, composition & flow rate to achieve high combustion efficiency.

Need to know: A VCU can only be as efficient as its design parameters allow. Accurately identifying and maintaining operating conditions is also key. While a VCU may appear to be destroying unwanted gases, its combustion efficiency could be as low as 40% if it is not operating at its design capacity.

Key parameters for ensuring high combustion efficiency:

  • Exit Temperature:
    • Temperature of the gases exiting the VCU should be calculated based on waste gas composition and flowrate.
  • Residence Time:
    • This is a calculation of the amount of time that gases reside inside the VCU before being discharged to atmosphere. To ensure maximum destruction efficiency, a minimum residence time is required.
  • Air Draft:
    • The height and diameter of a VCU are directly related to the required residence time of the waste gas being combusted and the required air draft to ensure high combustion efficiency.

Why use a FlareTech VCU?

PRODUCT FEATURE - Vapour Combustion Units (VCUs) - FlareTech Inc 2

Figure 2 – Typical VCU fuel train and burner management system.

  • FlareTech has developed a variable-rate, natural draft VCU with a turndown capacity that is superior to competitors’ designs.
  • Rigorous testing and engineering
  • Most VCUs are only efficient at a narrow range of operating conditions.
  • Our VCU possesses an advanced burner design allowing for a wider range of operating conditions.
  • Our design is unmatched in versatility, reliability and efficiency
  • We are also in the design stage of a new mechanical draft VCU

We can provide onsite and remote support for installation & commissioning of all our equipment. We also provide regularly scheduled maintenance and inspection services to catch minor problems before they develop into larger, more costly issues.

Our manufacturing facility is fully certified to CWB, ABSA, ISO 9001, ACSA and COR requirements, and our design team is licensed to provide professional engineering services for various jurisdictions. We are committed to building trust with our clients, supporting them through the entire life cycle of our equipment.

Contact us at (403) 742-2212 or to discuss your vapour combustion system needs.

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