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Methane-free green well pad deployment – Qnergy CAP3

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Methane-free green well pad deployment - Qnergy CAP3 Image 1

Qnergy recently deployed another CAP3 Compressed Air Pneumatics package at a multi-well pad in the NE USA. This system was part of a multi-unit repeat order for one of the largest natural gas producers in North America. This customer had previously deployed an internal combustion engine system that didn’t meet their needs.

CAP3 is an innovative product that replaces the methane emissions of pneumatic devices. Qnergy’s proven PowerGen Stirling engine is the heart of the CAP3 solution, efficiently combusting normally vented methane, while economically providing reliable electric power and clean, dry instrument air. The CAP3 system conserves valuable instrument gas and eliminates the “wet-gas” issues associated with operating low-bleed pneumatic devices.

Methane-free green well pad deployment - Qnergy CAP3 Image 2

Qnergy’s PowerGen is fuel agnostic, and runs on unprocessed wellhead gas or even carbon-neutral fuels like biogas or hydrogen. The CAP3 solution gives upstream producers the option to commission their instrument air system on tanked fuels like propane and readily switch over to instrument gas once wells are operational.

With SmartView remote monitoring, system performance is logged enabling mitigation reporting. In less than a week, this system had conserved over 50,000 cubic feet of otherwise vented gas and is on track to displace over 1000 tCO2e per year.

Qnergy CAP3 SmartView V2

Our prime power solution delivers continuous reliable power to the well pad, supplying ample air pressure to operate fail-safe ESD valves. Our customer was able to further reduce their carbon footprint by harnessing the waste heat of the Stirling engine to keep process lines warm, displacing the emissions of low-efficiency gas fired heaters.

Methane-free green well pad deployment - Qnergy CAP3 Image 4

“The CAP3 solution delivers a compelling value proposition. We have received double-digit repeat orders, even in regions without methane regulations or government incentives.”
Dan Midea – Qnergy VP Sales and Marketing


“We are proud to custom fabricate our packages here in Calgary. We are busy ramping up production to meet the growing demand to deliver a truly made-in-North-America solution.”
Dominic Pituch P.Eng. – Qnergy CAP3 Product Manager


Qnergy (q-ner–gy) is the world’s leading clean technology manufacturer of Stirling energy systems, designing and manufacturing the PowerGen stand-alone power generator.

Thanks to the technology’s unparalleled reliability, major and independent oil and gas companies already rely on the system to meet their remote power needs. The PowerGen has proven itself to be more cost effective than alternatives, thanks to near-zero maintenance costs.

Methane-free green well pad deployment - Qnergy CAP3 Image 5

Qnergy’s Stirling generators are enclosed systems that require no lubrication, maintenance, or repair, delivering tens of thousands of hours of uninterrupted operation. This engine design was recognized by NASA as the most reliable heat engine technology ‘in history’. Qnergy’s engine can use any heat source to produce power.

Qnergy Feature Logo 400x270

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