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Innovative Scouting and Site Planning Technology

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Innovative Scouting and Site Planning Technology - Challenger Geomatics

Proposed pad footprint superimposed on bare earth LiDAR, including facilities layout.

When choosing a site or planning a route, there are so many things to consider.

Difficult slopes or uneven terrain, watercourse crossings, landowner and stakeholder concerns, sensitive environmental areas… the earlier these can be understood and addressed the better.

Challenger Geomatics has developed innovative tools allowing project teams to visualize actual ground conditions with minimal field time, supporting your team to plan different kinds of pipelines and access roads, and select locations for well pads and staging areas.

Desktop Scouting is all about arming your teams with spatial knowledge and advice to understand their project site better.


Desktop Scouting meetings bring together remote teams, subject matter experts, and other relevant stakeholders so everyone has access to the same spatial information. Visualizing site conditions and leveraging Challenger’s extensive knowledge in land surveys and right-of-way considerations allows your teams to optimize facilities layout, access points, and pipeline entries. This approach can assist to:

  • Accurately forecast costs
  • Reduce expensive change orders
  • Capture stakeholder input early
  • Mitigate risks to project schedule

Desktop Scouting leverages several spatial technologies including aerial orthophotography, high resolution satellite imagery, and aerial LiDAR. This data can be displayed in several ways including Challenger Geomatics internal 3D Scout Tool, PlanworX GIS Platform, and point cloud viewer. Its the next best thing to being there.

Crucially, much of the planning process can proceed without the need to have boots on the ground.

Innovative Scouting and Site Planning Technology - Challenger Geomatics - Desktop Scouting Banner

Desktop Scouting – Learn More

Being able to visualize the local topography in 3D and the infrastructure already in place helps teams to be on the same page for important planning decisions without the added expense of heli-scouting, site visits and ground truthing. Identifying and addressing site challenges early can also prevent costly change orders further down the road.

Many clients are surprised to learn that often scouting a route or a site can often be done with existing data. Challenger knows that budgets are tight early on in a project, and they work with clients to provide cost-effective solutions.

Each project and its team are unique, and Challenger works closely with clients to match their needs with the right geomatics solution. To plan your project more efficiently up front, contact us for a customized demo and learn how desktop scouting can benefit your project.

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