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Opening the door to innovation with 2N solutions – Axis Communications


Network solutions support critical infrastructure organizations in three ways: It helps them reach goals for security, for operations and for health and safety, all with a single integrated system controlled from a remote location.

Looking to discover how a single, smart video surveillance system can go far beyond physical security and address all the key aspects of critical infrastructure protection? Here are some ways that 2N® can help:

  • Emergency communication system​
  • Zone intercoms​
  • Gathering and mustering stations
  • Public Address system​
  • Access Control​
  • Video integration with VMS​
  • Visitor communication and entry control

Emergency communication system: Did you know that 2N® IP Intercom supports two individual SIP accounts? Use an intercom to alert staff and visitors, use call recording or monitoring or use your device as interface with public networks. Imagine having an accident on site and in the panic of things you are trying to get employees and visitors to evacuate the premises. Use your system as a public address system and alert those on site about any spills, leaks or accidents in a timely manner.

Access Control: Monitor pedestrian and vehicle access control with our 2N® IP VERSO and bolster up your visitor management system. Generate a QR code for on-site visitor access or occasional staff access to ensure you have a full record of who’s coming in or out of your premises. Our low touch entry solutions allow you to virtually monitor your entrances and sensitive areas and provide remote visitor management.

Records for safe keeping are often kept on site in restricted areas. In most cases access to individual rooms or areas of larger sites is controlled. Access control data from the biometric reader at the entrance is automatically saved into the HR and payroll system. This is much more precise than employees signing in from their computers and can trigger an alarm if something is read out of context.

Open system: An open IP platform offers countless possibilities to integrate with a variety of audio and video ‘languages’ like SIP, VAPIX and ONVIF. System integrators can integrate the solution with other building systems and solutions for video surveillance, access control, VoIP communication and more.


2N® LTE Verso combines minimum installation costs with a full-feature set. Using LTE technology means no other cable apart from a power supply is needed, with a benefit of all functionalities such as a video communication. The main unit with HD camera can be accompanied by RFID reader, Bluetooth or Fingerprint reader supporting modules.

2N®’s intercom portfolio includes seven IP intercom models ranging from basic audio-only units to highly ruggedized emergency call box models, offering versatile access control, HD camera and two-way communication all-in-one.

If you have any questions around our 2N® portfolio or are looking for other solutions for your critical site like video or audio analytics, intrusion protection, perimeter, access control or more download our complimentary eBook.


Obaid Hafiz
Regional Sales Manager, Western Canada
T: (587) 226 1664

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