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CASE STUDY: Minimize Berm Erosion & Tank Base Corrosion With Precidium ™ ECS™ – WEC

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Suncor Fort Hills Tank Skirt System


Secure Energy Services, Suncor, Western Engineered Containment Ltd. (WEC)


  • Erosion Control – rain or melting snow can carry earthen material (dirt) from the slopes coming down from tanks to the toe, compromising tank foundation stability. Precidium ™ ECS™ (ECS™) prevents that from happening by providing an impermeable barrier between the ground and the elements.
  • Corrosion Control –Most tank corrosion occurs at the base of the tank; ECS™ eliminates flow paths from the surface to under the tanks, thereby minimizing the amount of fluid and corrosion at the tank base.

Suncor Fort Hills Tank Skirt System 1


Over a two (2) week period, WEC installed ECS™ 40 mil Tank Skirts around five (5) tanks at Suncor’s Fort Hills facility. Total coverage was 79,578ft², at an average radius of 15ft from the base of the tank.  The impermeable ECS™ Tank Skirt was attached directly to the base of the tank and was keyed in a 2ft trench at the base of the skirt toe.  ECS™ permanently attaches and seals to any substrate including steel tank bases and concrete spillways.

The entire 40 mil liner was pre-fabricated offsite utilizing WEC’s industry leading robotic application pre-spray system and was permanently fused together onsite with Precidium ™ ECS™ Fusion.


WEC’s Precidium ™ ECS™ Tank Skirt was chosen by Suncor as the solution to minimize berm erosion and tank base corrosion.  WEC’s industry leading 15-year Warranty provides worry free maintenance for many years to come.  For reference on this project or any other ECS™ installation, please contact WEC at 1-(780) 986-9599 or visit us at

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