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G & B Portable Fabric Buildings Offers the Best of Both Worlds With New Rental Program

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When it comes to your company’s temporary storage needs, a short-term solution shouldn’t require a long-term investment. Thanks to a new rental program from G & B Portable Fabric Buildings, it doesn’t.

Founded back in 1995, G & B is one of the original companies responsible for the concept and development of portable fabric structures in North America. To date, the company has designed, sold and erected more than 2,500 buildings for more than 2,000 customers.

While the popularity of provisional buildings has exploded over the past few decades, however, they often require significant capital expenditures. Based on the feedback from some of their clients, G & B identified the opportunity to introduce a rental option.

“Over the years, we’ve met multiple clients who need a short-term solution but don’t want the financial burden of a long-term investment,” says Brad Shambel, VP of Sales and Business Development for G & B. “We believe that our new rental fleet offers the best of both worlds.”

In addition to requiring less capital upfront, renting a portable fabric building will increase your company’s cash flow and free up funds for other aspects of your project. The fixed cost will also help you stay on budget and eliminate variable expenses like maintenance, repairs and depreciation.

Another advantage of renting is the reduced setup time. With a prefabricated fleet featuring multiple styles and sizes, G & B is prepared to deliver and install your structures faster than ever. If your project requires customization, the company’s professional sales team can also help you come up with a cost-efficient and time-sensitive solution to suit your needs.

The benefits of G & B’s rental program also extend to the environment. While portable fabric buildings are already a significantly more sustainable solution than their traditional counterparts, G & B’s rental option will further benefit the environment by reusing materials, optimizing resources and reducing waste.

As with their financing and leasing options, G & B’s rental program includes everything from the design, the engineering and the manufacturing to the delivery, the installation, and the ongoing maintenance. The rental program also includes the insulation and ventilation of the building, as well as its dismantling and removal once the contract term is complete.

“While the fabric structure industry continues to evolve, one constant at G & B has always been our fanatical customer service,” Shambel says. “Our rental program is just one more way to give our clients the best service and the best experience possible.”

Light enough to lift, strong enough to last; G&B is your premier choice for rapid installation for tensioned fabric structures. Give us a call today (1-855-258-2578) and speak to our knowledgeable and professional sales team.

We Cover Your Assets: AnySize, AnyTime, AnyPlace.

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