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Feature Story: Raising Expectations for Efficiency in Production Operations – Raise Production Inc.

Raise Production Inc. (TSXV:RPC) is leading the way in providing disruptive technology for oil and gas production.  Utilizing a flexible approach to artificial lift technology, Raise Production is revolutionizing the way E&P companies approach wellbore efficiencies, improving asset recovery on a global scale.

Elevated Production Capacity Begins with Evolution

Raise Production, formed in 2011, with their head office and facilities in Calgary, has over 80 installations in various formations throughout Alberta and Saskatchewan. The company’s reach also extends south of the border. Their partner, Endurance Lift Solutions, is not only a distributor and service provider throughout the United States, but an invested shareholder in Raise Production. Earning commitment from their internal staff and invested shareholders, the company’s lift technology and service are not just evolving the industry but revolutionizing it through proven results.

The work of Raise Production has materialized in artificial lift solutions specifically designed for today’s wellbores to maximize the production capacity right at the source of inefficiency. “Industry, in general, is trying to take vertical technology and adapt it to do work in different geometry – the horizontal and the highly deviated wellbores. The existing technology,” explains Eric Laing, President and CEO, “although it works to a certain degree, isn’t ideally suited to the types of wells that [the industry] is drilling these days.”

Focused Solutions for the Root of Wellbore Challenges

Currently, after the initial stages of production, a new horizontal wellbore can see significant decline in production capacity within the first 6 to 24 months. This decline begins to deplete preferential parts of the horizontal wellbore, leading to gas interference. Though current solutions to these problems mitigate these effects to a degree, Raise Production saw a need to address the source of the horizontal flow challenges, not just the symptom.

“A lot of these production challenges stem from utilizing conventional technology in complex wellbore geometry, resulting in lift system intakes being landed well above the producing interval. The lift technology hasn’t evolved at the same pace as the drilling technology which created the well geometry,” highlights Geoff Steele, Raise Production’s CTO. “What we’re doing is creating unique artificial lift technology, placed at the formation face to enhance asset recovery.”

The end goal for the clients is to maximize oil and gas assets by reducing the rate of production decline, increasing asset values, improving both free cash flow and the capital efficiency for the operator, pure and simple.

Exploration and production in the oil and gas industry is a high-risk, high-reward business. For many companies within this sector, a significant amount of loss derives from inaccessible natural resources, leading companies to invest even more capital to offset the loss. Instead, Raise Production provides a three-step solution that mitigates this extra investment in compensating for these losses:

  • The High Angle Reciprocating Pump (HARP™);
  • Raise Efficient Artificial Lift (REAL™); and
  • Horizontal Artificial Recovery Technology (HART™)


Microsoft PowerPoint - Raise_EneryNow.pptx

Both evolutionary and revolutionary, this staged system is neither a vertical nor a horizontal flow system, but a hybrid of both. HARP™, the first phase within this solution, is specifically designed to operate in challenging flow regimes that are typical in deviated and horizontal wellbores. The subsequent step, characterized by the REAL™ technology, acts as the horizontal separation, which is followed by HART™, technology that increases inflow with multiple pump technology and allows maximum drawdown of the entire horizontal section of the wellbore, recovering more reserves.

With respect to the system’s revolutionary capacity, the patented technology was developed to be better suited to the wellbore trajectory, thereby advancing artificial lift on pace with drilling technologies and the resulting complexities in wellbore geometry. Raise Production’s revolutionary technology, comprised of multiple pumps within the horizontal wellbore, both optimizes and controls flow, allowing unprecedented access to reserves.

Industry-leading technology is a pillar within the company. The in-house design and manufacture of patented technologies for both artificial lift methods and devices is indicative of the excellence the company strives for. In addition to its safety affiliations with COR, ISN and ComplyWorks, Raise Production is backed by an APEGA Engineering Permit to Practice.

Excellence as an Underpinning

Excellence is what Raise Production was founded on, so it is no surprise that these revolutionary systems have proven advantages including equipment longevity, production increases and reduction of decline rates. The organization and its technology were born from the focus on continuous improvement in processes and safety. These are achievements that are par for the course within the culture of excellence at Raise Production.

HARP EnergyNow

Furthering this foundational excellence is the belief that good work begins with employees who embody what the company stands for. “For me, the products are a testament to the people who have the vision to understand the need, the skill to design them, the ability to manufacture them and those with the dedication to install the tools, train the users and provide the best client support and service possible,” Laing states.

This dedication to people continues as the company implements solutions that help exploration and production teams overcome longstanding capital plateaus. Focused on supporting companies to dig deep into the last reserves of each wellbore, Raise Production’s technology allows clients to look closely at their production capacities. Raise Production implements new solutions, which improve return on investment already sunk in every wellbore for each client.

Raise Production is proud of the 45-foot model of a horizontal wellbore on display in their Calgary facility. Here, people can see the power behind this technology. After interacting with this model, the immediate benefits of the Raise technology become apparent. This model is making waves throughout the industry as it demonstrates exactly what happens in a typical wellbore, allowing the customer to see the full benefits of this technology.  These benefits translate into increased cash flow, maximized asset values, reduced power costs, and improved operator time.

Raise Production will not only evolve the oil & gas industry; they will revolutionize it. And revolutionize it they will!

 For additional information about Raise Production, visit or contact:

Eric Laing, President & CEO

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