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WEC - Western Engineered Containment
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WANTED: Trial Candidate Well for Geomechanical Properties Log and “new” Rock Brittleness Index (BRIX)

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Are you curious if your geometric completion is missing some of your reservoir sweet spots? Is your reservoir as homogeneous as you think it is? Rocsol are looking for a Montney (or other unconventional play) well to analyze. There is no charge for the service, just work with us using your drilling data. In return we will give you a complete set of geomechanical logs for your horizontal section.

What does a geomechanical property log look like? See the figure below. These three logs were generated by the D-Series technology using drilling data from three sample wells drilled horizontally into shale formations in North America.

WANTED – Trial Candidate Well for Geomechanical Properties Log and new Rock Brittleness Index (BRIX) Image 1

Additionally, Rocsol’s “new” Rock brittleness index will also be provided. Brittleness is the ability of rock to fail under load and an important reservoir property to characterize unconventional shale reservoirs for optimal stimulation design. The higher Young’s modulus (YM) and the lower Poisson’s ratio (PR) indicate that the rock is more brittle, whereas the higher Poisson’s ratio and the lower Young’s modulus indicate the rock is less brittle. D-ROCK estimates the Brittleness Index (BRIX) using the calculated YM and PR and ranges from 0% to 100%. The higher percentage of BRIX indicates that the rock zone is more brittle and a potentially more favorable location for hydraulic fracturing in the shale formation. The graphical representation of the percent brittleness index (BRIX) logs, as well as the corresponding Young’s modulus and Poisson’s ratio calculated from the sample drilling data, is shown in the figure below. By slightly adjusting your frac intervals you could greatly increase overall well production. Drop us an email or give us a call today to discuss this opportunity.

WANTED – Trial Candidate Well for Geomechanical Properties Log and new Rock Brittleness Index (BRIX) Image 2

John Hayes – 403-875-0887

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