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Olympus Energy Innovation Week – March 22 – 25: Details Here:

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Olympus Energy Shut Down Innovation Week - March 22 - 25

With Shutdown Season quickly approaching, Olympus invites you to attend Energy Innovation Week, which will consist of a series of virtual sessions featuring industry experts. At each session we will be conducting a raffle. Please reserve your seats now by clicking on each session’s link provided below!

March 22

11 AM EST – Corrosion demo Flexoform / Hydroform with Curtis Dickinson

Corrosion mapping solutions for productive and high-resolution inspections. Elbow and longitudinal pipe scanning with the Olympus FlexoFORM utilizing the scanners innovative flexible phased array probe. Semi-automated or full mechanized mapping with the HydroFORM.

3 PM EST – HTHA Probes and Techniques with Intro to TFM with Stephan Couture

Early detection of high-temperature hydrogen attack (HTHA) damage can help oil, gas, and petrochemical facilities avoid catastrophic failures of critical high-pressure assets. While it is essential to evaluate the equipment’s condition, HTHA is challenging to detect and assess, including for ultrasonic testing (UT). For this reason, Olympus created probes specifically designed to detect HTHA-induced damage at an earlier stage. The solution comprises Dual Linear Array™ (DLA) probes that are used to perform the pitch-catch technique, as well as phased array (PA) probes that are fine-tuned for the total focusing method (TFM). These methods, combined with TOFD screening, are used as part of a complete multi technology inspection strategy.

March 23

11 AM EST – Basics of X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) for Positive Material Identification (PMI) with Michael Hull

X-ray fluorescence (XRF) has extensive applications in the inspection services market.  It is fundamental for positive material identification (PMI) in field and plant maintenance.  This talk will explore the basics of XRF theory, and the application of XRF for positive material identification (PMI) and weld inspection.  Special attention will be given to relevant applications of this technology in the oil and gas (O&G) sector.  Testing methods, sample considerations, and strategies and tools for data management will all be discussed.—basics-of-x/register

3 PM EST – Tube inspection- Probe advantages and system advantages with Terence Burke

Tubular inspection has you confused about which probe should be used? Needing a helping hand understanding the differences between Olympus’ offering. Come to this meeting and learn about our probes, our system, and how to speed up the setup process. Demo and question period guaranteed.

March 24

11 AM EST – Automated weld inspection with Brandon Reitz

Fully automated inspection of welds with the field proven SteerROVER. Access difficult areas at a distance without the need for scaffolding with its steering capabilities on components such as pressure vessels and tanks.

3 PM EST – Axseam demo with Stephan Couture

Optimized for long seam weld inspection, such as in electric resistance welded (ERW) pipes, the AxSEAM™ scanner’s simple design minimizes the number of adjustments required when changing pipe diameters, probe separation, or scan orientation. An operator can set up and perform the scan independently without needing to manipulate or monitor the data acquisition instrument thanks to the innovative ScanDeck™ module. The redesigned, easily adjustable probe holders support up to four phased array (PA) and time-of-flight diffraction (TOFD) probes.

March 25

11 AM EST – RVI demo with Charles Janecka

The applications and types of items being inspected during visual inspections of internal systems in a shutdown are varied. However, the requirements of a videoscope unit for these inspections are not. Brightness, image quality, and portability are all crucial for an effective visual inspection. The nature of these inspections are to search for mechanical and structural defects (i.e. turbine blade defects [cracks, pitting, missing material], weld integrity concerns, valve functionality …). The three main features noted above will provide the inspector the ability to find these defects during an inspection. They also need to allow for further investigation and accurate measurement for reliable reference against the relevant standard

3 PM EST – ECA demo with Terence Burke

Eddy Current Array demo which will comprise of a MagnaFORM demo as well as information about how ECA can speed up traditional eddy current inspections. Learn about the type of probes Olympus offers and how they can help you.

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