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Relentless Integrity: Have Peace of Mind on your Construction Projects with Finley Inspection Services

People have more time in front of their screens these days to look at self improvement whether it is through courses, learning a new skill or being introspective about the future of your career or even the future of the energy industry post Covid. Finley Inspection Services has taken an introspective approach as well during this time to connect and grow our network but also to think about why we have survived the ups an downs of the energy industry for almost 50 years and what it is that we truly offer to our customers.

The industry has been forced to change. It seems many of the long-term relationships have faded and companies are employing a ‘sophisticated buyer’ model designed to offer a predictable constant workforce at a fair price. The competitiveness relating to commodity prices has been a key driver to this approach. Aside from saving money with competitive pricing, who is looking at saving money through optimization? Sometimes you ‘get what you pay for’ and in the world of construction supervision, this can have a devastating effect to a project in terms of missed project schedules, cost overruns or even worse, incidents and injuries. These types of expenditures can wreak havoc with all aspects of a project. Some companies have taken an ‘ultra low margin’ approach to providing contract personnel. Certainly a ‘low cost’ model can be attractive, but at what cost to the overall project?

Our ‘services’ have been known for many years as “inspection”. Really this is oil patch lingo for “contract construction supervision services”. Those in the know still refer to it as inspection but its also called construction management, craft labor, contingent workforce etc. What does all this mean and more importantly what do we do?

What this means is, when you have a construction or maintenance project and you don’t have a field based staff position, Finley Inspection is contracted to act on behalf of the company to provide an experienced professional to wear your company hard hat on site, oversee all of the crews and contractors, carry out your company policies and procedures and ensure your project is executed on time, on budget and without incident.

The market contains many competitors, ranging from large ‘personnel agencies’ to small boutique consulting companies. Every one of the companies makes the claim that they have great people, deliver on time, on budget etc.… does a buyer differentiate? Finley Inspection has been doing what we do for almost 50 years, hundreds of projects, all over western Canada working with clients from small juniors to major midstreamers and multinational integrated energy companies. During COVID we thought about what it is that we truly deliver to our clients, there are the obvious aspect, on time, on budget, but what we really deliver is peace of mind. The confidence that when Finley Inspections Services is onsite overseeing your project, you know it will be done right. You know our team of professionals treat every nickel of the project AFE like it is their own and the pride they take in doing a good job stands above all else. That is what propelled Finley Inspections Services to almost 50 years in business, relentless integrity.

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