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Why Choose a G&B Fabric Building on Your Remote Site



Why Choose a G&B Fabric Building on your Remote Site 1

Fabric Membrane Structures installed by G&B Portable Fabric Buildings

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Author: Nancy Abrams

Remote sites are the perfect fit for fabric structures.  The entire building is pre-fabricated, pre-engineered and can be engineered site specific for geographic loads.  Remote site’s require organization and the ability to maintain the integrity of the site, safety for the employees on site, and a cost-effective strategy for onsite storage. G&B can provide structural fabric solutions that can be incorporated into a site services plan for logistics and storage incorporating site emergency response plans that includes storage of high value emergency response vehicles, equipment, and containment materials.

Why Choose a G&B Fabric Building on your Remote Site 2

Fabric Storage Building under construction in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta

Why your Emergency Plan needs to include a G&B Fabric Building

As leaders in fabric building engineering and designs, our certified crews and buildings are the turnkey solution for your emergency response plan. Our buildings can be constructed in a matter of days and to the highest of industry standards in compliance with all regulations and certifications required in a local or geographic region. Our buildings can be used as ERP staging and storage of key response materials and equipment.  Often these key components of ERP models require climate-controlled environments.  G&B can provide various insulation, HVAC and electrical options to achieve desired indoor temperatures.

Our steel trusses and fabric buildings are CAN/CSA A660 certified ensuring the processes involved with manufacturing and welding are followed. With FR fabrics that are CAN ULC S109 certified, a G&B Building has a proven track record in ensuring your assets are protected. Meeting and exceeding standards gives the confidence to store high value equipment and materials in G&B structures on site.

G&B was requested to provide solutions for asset protection for a pipeline company in North America.  The structures were to be utilized for an Emergency Response Plan for spill containment.  The task was the design of numerous structures, strategically placed along the pipeline and were to house key components and equipment for quick response in the event of a spill or failure. G&B supplied and installed large storage facilities to house fire trucks, ambulances, spill containment equipment and materials, helicopters, various rescue vehicles and utility vehicles and more.

Why Choose a G&B Fabric Building on your Remote Site 3

Fabric Sea Can Mounted Structure by G&B in Yellowknife, NWT

Asset Protection and People Protection

Strategic planning for fabric building engineering and installations is important before mobilizing onto a remote work site. Adding temporary work-sites, employee sleeping quarters, lunchrooms, or even corporate offices to your construction site is easy with a G&B Fabric Building.

Building plans with G&B are tailored to the types of on site products and required services. Plans address different scenarios and potential hazards, unique situations and are tailored to mitigate or minimize risk in storing materials. Remote site construction is easy with G&B. Our turnkey solution and quick installations with zero impact foundation options and certified crews ensure clean and safe sites. Our commitment is to growing our operations by providing the best services and products to the industry.

A G&B crew ensures all required certifications are obtained before entering any remote site. G&B crews not only comply with national safety standards, but also complete special training courses for remote locations. G&B has all necessary site-specific training before mobilization to the site. For more information about the on-going certifications and memberships that G&B maintains annually, read our article “Critical Components Infrastructure by G&B Portable Fabric Buildings.”

Why Choose a G&B Fabric Building on your Remote Site 4

Fabric Building install in Esterhazy, Saskatchewan

Fabric Buildings to help you expand your operations

Safety and comfort are important for employee moral and company improvements. Our buildings are expandable to grow with your operations. So if you need a lunch tent, a construction enclosure for pre-cast and fabrication, temporary aviation hangers or manufacturing facilities for remote sites, give G&B’s team of professionals a call.

When you call our team of professionals we will focus on application specific designs, where our buildings are designed for the required application. Your building will be designed, engineered and manufactured specific to your construction or extraction site requirements.

Call G&B to discuss your Emergency Response or Asset Protection Plans. We cover your assets; AnySize, AnyTime, AnyPlace. | 1-855-258-2578

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