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3D Soil Stabilization System Supports Site Access to Evaporation Pond – Presto Geosystems

Location: Western United States

3D Soil Stabilization System Supports Site Access to Evaporation Pond

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Project Background and Challenges

A mining engineering firm needed to create a durable ramp over a liner system into a 1 million square foot evaporation pond. The pond was built at a large open-pit mineral mine in the Western United States—the ramp into the pond needed to support large loaders and dump trucks, while protecting the liner system from damage.

Building a Reinforced, Stable Ramp

Building a Reinforced, Stable Ramp

The GEOWEB® 3D soil confinement system was the chosen solution. The cells were infilled with the mine’s on-site waste rock, creating a stable access ramp into the pond.

Presto’s design engineers recommended the 6-inch deep GEOWEB system anchored with three polyester tendons per panel and ATRA® Tendon Clips (load transfer devices) every fourth cell downslope. The tendons attached to a 4-inch PVC pipe, buried 2-feet below grade at the crest of the slope in the same anchor trench that secured the liner system.

The liner system consisted of, from bottom to top, a geosynthetic clay liner (GCL), a 60 mil HDPE secondary geomembrane, a 200 mil geonet, and a 60 mil textured HDPE primary geomembrane.

Project Results

Approximately 75,000 sf of the GEOWEB material was installed on the 16-foot vertical, 3H:1V ramp and infilled with on-site mine waste rock without anchor penetrations through the liner system.

How Does the GEOWEB 3D System Work

How Does the GEOWEB® 3D System Work?

To overcome soft subgrade challenges, access ramps built with GEOWEB® 3D geocells and aggregate infill are extremely stable and well equipped to support heavy traffic.

  • Low-maintenance, 3D confined aggregate surface is highly resistant to rutting.
  • Lower cost, local fill may be used
  • GEOWEB panels and geotextile rolls are easy to deploy and install, even in remote or difficult to access locations
  • The surface is ready for traffic immediately after infilling and compaction

How Does the GEOWEB 3D System Work 2

Strongest, Fastest to Install Load Transfer Device

A key to installation speed is the use of the patented ATRA® Tendon Clips that lock into the GEOWEB® cell walls for the most secure connection. Due to the pull-through strength–which is 2X more than any other load transfer device–the number of ATRA Tendon Clips required per section is reduced by half, saving on time and cost of installation.

Strongest Fastest to Install Load Transfer Device

See the Full Project Case Study >>

 For project assistance in the US, contact Presto Geosystems at +1-800-548-3424.
For project assistance in Canada, contact Presto’s Canadian distributor Layfield Group at 888-748-7905.

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