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Creating Leading Software to Connect People and their Assets – Cenozon

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Committed to supporting pipeline integrity, Cenozon has grown over the past 20 years by consistently providing highly efficient software products to the Oil and Gas industry. Through this commitment to integrity management, Cenozon saw an increase in their clients’ needs to optimize efficiency across their business units. As such, in the past two years in particular, Cenozon has grown, acquiring two other companies to extend their line of software services. This acquisition saw Cenozon further supporting clients, ensuring that their operations were not just well managed, but also compliant. “Cenozon software significantly speeds up the time it takes to process and analyse data, partially due to our software’s ability to allow for easy integration of third-party data,” says Tammy Schuiling, Marketing Manager, Cenozon.  She continues, adding “we essentially replace manual processes and spreadsheets by putting vast amounts of information at our client’s finger tips with an easy-to-use dashboard and visual analytics.”

While the company offers a wide variety of software options for its clients, including access to Cenozon’s in-house experts for custom development, change management field reviews, and audit support, the organization’s current shining stars are Pipeline Integrity Risk Manager and Measurement Manager.

Pipeline Integrity Risk Manager – The Ultimate Risk Management Solution

Pipeline Integrity Risk Manager (PIRM) is an innovative, user-friendly risk management software that allows a company to seamlessly evaluate risk and exceed compliance requirements across its pipeline network. This customizable software, a market leader in the Canadian Oil and Gas market, has most recently been complemented by Cenozon’s two standalone applications: HydroFlow and WildFire.

Created to answer their clients’ needs, HydroFlow, the first of its kind in the Canadian upstream Oil and Gas market, provides real-time monitoring and automatic notification of abnormal water flow events at pipeline water crossings. By integrating geospatial databases with geospatial hydro data, this application also provides GIS mapping and dashboard analytics to show historical water flow. This combined information allows companies to gain further insight into their asset location, proactively mitigating potential risk.

WildFire also provides automatic notification, but of wildfire activity within a pre-determined proximity of facilities, pipelines and assets. Similar to HydroFlow, this allows for proactive decision making in terms of emergency response plans both for people’s safety and asset protection.

While both applications were designed to seamlessly integrate with PIRM, they are also standalone apps that any company can benefit from.

Measurement Manager – The Total Meter Calibration and Analysis Tool

Measurement Manager (MM) software is designed to automate and digitize meter calibration and scheduling, as well as sampling and analysis processes. The software automatically analyses a vast amount of information, flags inconsistencies, allows for bulk approvals and shares information using real-time data. This is critical as it ensures all parties in a company are working with the same accurate data, which allows operators to quickly comply with the strictest regulatory requirements and optimize efficiency with its user-friendly interface.

“Alberta has some of the strictest regulatory requirements in the world,” says Schuiling. “Our software helps clients more easily meet compliance while also saving money by improving operational efficiency.”

Cenozon Contractors and Computer

Benefits Beyond Compliance

Among the innovative nature of Cenozon’s software are the cost-saving benefits it provides clients. “With both PIRM and MM, there is a lot of opportunity for tax savings,” says Schuiling. “In the end, we have clients who have saved millions of dollars by identifying assets that need to be decommissioned or reporting on what is in their [active] pipelines from a pricing strategy.”

Their software allows clients accuracy and better management of not only what’s in their pipelines, but also mitigating factors to effectively evaluate risk. This typically results in better management of existing assets as the information captured from Cenozon’s software often sees the client discovering around ten percent or more of new information about their business they didn’t know before. “We help our clients provide the best information to make an informed decision about their business,” continues Schuiling. And this information is all-encompassing.

What’s interesting is that by having software automate processes related to analysis and information capturing is the time it takes to process and analyze the data. What may have previously taken operators and engineers weeks to complete, Cenozon makes it possible for clients to easily extract information, modify if for use, and then make quicker business solutions in half the time.

It’s the ability to use accurate and detailed information, along with the software’s customization and ability to integrate third-party data, that clients are better equipped to make decisions about their company and assets.

Incomparable Customer Service

While Cenozon prides itself on their innovative software, they have truly built their company on a strong value of providing remarkable service to its clients. “We care about our clients and meeting their operational needs to make them successful,” says Schuiling. “We consider ourselves partners more than a supplier.” With that belief, the company has displaced corporate hierarchy, creating an entrepreneurial and customer-focused environment. As such, Cenozon’s innovation is not only driven by its employees, but also by its clients; as was the case for creating a number of their software features.

“We get [clients] together in a room where they brainstorm and share their knowledge about what works for them and what would improve their user experiences,” says Schuiling. This allows Cenozon to develop targeted products that directly impact a client’s process. “The industry is on the cusp of digitization; and we’re really driving intelligent automation to help Oil and Gas operators meet business objectives in a more efficient manner,” continues Schuiling. And by listening to clients, Cenozon sets itself up to continue being the leader for answering industry software requirements.

And it’s this willingness to listen, innovate, and implement that has seen Cenozon expand over the past few years. As Schuiling proudly states, “We’ve seen a lot of growth in the past couple of years despite the downturn in the economy. It’s a testament to our commitment in delivering leading software and top-notch customer support.” It’s safe to say that as the industry continues to move towards digital automation, Cenozon will be at the forefront with their clients.

Contact Cenozon to talk about your needs. Call us at 1-866-434-8111 or email For more information, visit us online at, or visit our LinkedIn page.

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