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Charted: The Production Costs of Hydrogen Across the Globe -ENERGYminute

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The Colors of Hydrogen  |  The Hydrogen Economy  |  Production Costs

PostsSep 2nd 2021 | Coal, Electricity, Emissions, Energy, Hydrogen, Natural Gas, Renewable Energy, Sustainability

There exists significant potential for hydrogen to play a role powering our future communities. There is a range for the production costs of hydrogen associated with the delivery of low-carbon green or blue hydrogen that will continue to improve with innovation and scale.

Hydrogen produced using natural gas and CCUS known as blue carbon is a low-carbon solution which is cost competitive to with existing sources of hydrogen to produce.

Blue hydrogen, produced from natural gas in combination with carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) is a low-carbon energy source that is cost competitive with other low-carbon solutions.

Particularly in regions which receive abundant sunlight, hydrogen made using renewable electricity (known as green hydrogen) will eventually be cost competitive with blue hydrogen.

Required Hydrogen Production Costs for Breakeven with Conventional Solutions (with 100 USD / ton of CO2e carbon tax)

Reference Technology Use Breakeven Cost (USD/kgH2)
Diesel Buses $5.40
Diesel Trains $5.10
Coal Steel (DRI) $4.60
Diesel SUVs $4.40
Diesel Trucks $2.80
Diesel Mid-Sized Vehicles $2.30
Natural Gas (SMR) Ammonia $2.20
Natural Gas (SMR) Refinery $2.20
Natural Gas High-grade Heat $1.50
Natural Gas Power Generation $1.40
Natural Gas Building Heating $1.20
Ship Fuel Ships $1.00
Kerosene Airplanes $1.00

There are many applications of hydrogen today which could substitute existing fuels, should they be hydrogen compatible.


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