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PRODUCT FEATURE: Self-Weathering Structures – Brandt

PRODUCT FEATURE - Self-Weathering Structures - Brandt

Pillar of Strength.

Brandt’s self-weathering transmission structures deliver superior durability and safety you can count on, even in the toughest conditions. And, the natural colouring of the structures blends in with the environment better than galvanized steel options to minimize visual impact.

1. Reliability

These structures are purpose-built to outlast the competition, no matter where you deploy them:

  • Self-weathering steel provides a protective outer layer that arrests corrosion and provides a reliable shield from the elements.
  • Superior coating process used on the ground-level portion protects from UV damage, corrosion, and delamination caused by water for maximum service life.
  • Robust materials last longer in harsh weather conditions and better absorb impact damage.

2. Effective Design

Our design provides a solution that better suits the needs of your project:

  • Custom manufacturing means a wide range of heights and wall-thicknesses are available to tailor the structure dimensions to the specific application.
  • Streamlined production process allows these structures to be produced in large volumes with short lead-times.
  • Integrated ID tags allow data-tracking for easy maintenance management throughout full lifespan of the structure.

3. Easy Installation

These structures are designed for quick setup to save you valuable time:

  • Durable coating eliminates the need for protective sleeves often required by other options.
  • Lightweight tubular steel design reduces overall weight to make the structures easier to handle.
  • Single-piece design is consistent and comes ready for installation, keeping preparation time to a minimum.


Environmentally Friendly Materials

Allows the structures to be fully recycled at the end of their service life to minimize their environmental impact and eliminate the need to harvest trees.

Natural Colouring

Blends in with the environment, especially in wooded areas, reducing the visual impact of the project.

Single-Piece Construction

Eliminates the need for assembly, making installation faster and easier than modular options.

Robust Design

Provides complete protection from wildlife and insect damage while eliminating concerns associated with material degradation and forest fires.

Durable Coating

Includes base corrosion coat, top layer, and UV-protective coat to maximize reliability.

Tapered Curve

Allows for effective water wicking and eliminates the need for a ground sleeve.

Baseplate Bumpers

Protect the base of each structure from damage during transportation.

Coating Wrap

Preserves the coating during transport and handling to ensure the structures are properly protected from the elements.

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The Brandt Curve

The Brandt Curve is our advanced coating solution that protects structures from the delamination of the below-ground coating. We developed the basecoat and UV-protective topcoat through extensive testing to find the toughest, most reliable materials and effective coating contouring process. Our specialized method allows water to flow down a vertical structure without breaching the layers of coating to eliminate coating loss and maximize service life. In fact, this innovative process is so effective that it has become the industry standard for direct-embedded structures.

Engineered Products

Brandt Engineered Products is your one-stop shop for custom equipment manufacturing and support. We handle everything — from scope development and design through to manufacturing, installation, and final testing. And, our support doesn’t end once manufacturing is complete; we take a cradle-tograve, complete-life-cycle approach that ensures your successful results.

We make it that simple because We Build Confidence.

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