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Finding Success During Covid-19: How Phoenix Industrial’s Proactive Implementations Maintained a Projects Timeline


In these very uncertain and difficult times, we all have had to be innovative in our approach to keep ourselves safe and healthy. At Phoenix Industrial, this concept is no different. We have implemented additional safety protocols during the pandemic to keep our folks well. We have done this by introducing retina heat scanning at our main gate as well as implementing other safe guards in the field to eliminate the risk to our employees.

Having this additional protocol in place and working closely with the management team at Inter Pipeline, allowed us to successfully erect over 50 modules for the IPPL Petrochemical complex in the heartland region and perform more than 150,000 person-hours during the peak of COVID-19 with not a single illness.

This is a significant milestone for Inter Pipeline and a great achievement for Phoenix Industrial. Maintaining schedule and employee well-being in a unique situation such as this, truly sets the stage for Phoenix Industrial’s ability to overcome and de-risk any obstacle that may present itself.

How did we do it?

1. At Phoenix, we recognized the risks associated with COVID 19 ahead of the curve, developing all necessary policies, procedures and plans. We also leveraged international markets to secure top of the line PPE, cleaning supplies and sanitizer to maintain safety for the 380 employees and subcontractors we had working across 5 sites both client and owned.

2. Phoenix then set-up a weekly meeting between HSE and all department managers to assess, plan and execute effectiveness in our COVID risk management efforts.

3. Immediately we developed a checklist that workers would respond to daily and announce if they or their close contacts were experiencing symptoms, had travelled to at risk areas, had been in contact with COVID cases or were under AHS investigation themselves. These checklists are now filled in on mobile app daily by each person before attending site and the form automatically triggers the next steps in the process, contact tracing and required notifications based on the answers provided.

4. Simultaneously, Phoenix began a process of elevated body temperature scanning before accessing any project or facility. Using the FLIR- E75 Thermal Imaging Device, we were able to scan workers arriving to site and identify those persons with higher than average temperature and negate access until a negative test was supplied.

5. To reduce close contacts, Phoenix Industrial sent all persons capable of working at home to an offsite arrangement. Current field workers were approached for their buy-in to eat in their cars to have 0 chance of transmission during lunch breaks. There was an extra 15 minutes given at the end of the day as a trade and workers agreed to. We also got the worker’s support to restrict leaving of the property during the work day to buy food in the same community as the international airport.

6. Phoenix procured a 2-year supply of critical COVID Management items such as N95 respirators, 3M silicone ½ masks with p100 cartridges and exhalation valve filtering, gloves, goggles, face shields, bleach, viral killing wipes and cleaning agents. We developed a management plan that allowed for strategic placement and securement of supplies.

7. Cleaning protocols also changed from regular to hospital service. All used cloths and mop pads are to be bagged for cleaning before exiting the trailer, then gloves changed outside current trailer before entering next trailer. Washroom facilities are to be disinfected once every 2 hours. Mopping activities are completed by replaceable bleach pads with no wringing of dirty water back into the bucket.

8. Phoenix restricted tool crib interactions to 1 person at a time and 2-meter distance from attendant at all times. Institution of bleach/Lysol wipe down of incoming and outgoing items. We mandated crew locked tool boxes designated per crew, managed by Foremen and prohibit cross borrowing to prevent items being touched by multiple persons.

9. In wash car facilities, we limited the urinals to 6’ separation, installed motion sensor towel machines and soap dispensers and installed elbow operation crash doors so no touching of any surface occurred after sanitizing hands.

10. Phoenix managers worked with HSE and other departments to eliminate paper handoffs in field. There was a single person conducting and signing worker in and out for the day as well as onto hazard documentation.

11. Phoenix instituted a closed property aspect and staged a security guard at the gate to control the flow and activity of delivery vendors and other persons. Management distributed protocols to vendors and delivery companies to eliminate contact with Phoenix staff.


Phoenix was toured a total of 4 times through the Pandemic by both Alberta Workplace Health and Safety as well as Alberta Health Services and all times received accolades for the proactive and coordinated management of COVID 19 risk.

Phoenix Industrial are very proud to have some of the best teams in the industry! Great job everyone, this is something to be proud of!

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