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WATCH: The new face of the workplace: Legal considerations – KPMG

The new face of the workplace - Legal considerations - KPMG

COVID-19 has transformed the way we work and how the traditional workplace is viewed. As governments begin to reopen the economy and set out guidelines for organizations to follow in the return to work process, employers will need to consider how and where work can be performed and how to respond to the concerns that many employees may have about returning to work safely.

Watch the webcast replay below to hear from our Employment Law team as they respond to pressing questions and provide clarity around such issues as:

  • What factors should I consider before bringing employees back into the workplace?
  • When returning from layoff, do employees need to return to the same position they had? Are changes to the employment agreement necessary?
  • Can an employee refuse to return to work if they feel unsafe?
  • What happens if I am unable to recall an employee back to work?
  • What if an employee is unable to return to work because they have child care/family responsibilities?
  • What personal/medical information can I collect about my employees and/or contractors before they enter the workplace?
  • Can I force my employees/contractors/visitors to wear personal protective equipment?
  • What if an employee experiences symptoms of the virus or contracts the virus after coming back to work?
  • Can I implement mandatory work from home/remote working for my employees?
  • If employees are working from home, does the employer have to reimburse office expenses?
  • Do employees who work from home have the same rights and protections as those employees who perform work at the office?
  • What considerations should I be thinking about if I am going to implement permanent remote working?

Also highlighted in the webcast are legislative updates including:

  • Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act
  • COVID-19 Response and Reforms to Modernize Ontario Act, 2020
  • Workplace Safety and Insurance Amendment Act (Presumption Respecting COVID-19), 2020 (Bill 191, first reading)
  • Extension of Layoff Period under BC Employment Standards Act Regulations
  • Proposed 10 Paid Sick Days for Canadian workers

If you have any questions, please reach out to our Employment and Labour Law team:

Jenna Kirk
Senior Manager, Employment & Immigration Law
KPMG in Canada

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