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Intrusion Technology – For a Changing World Today and Tomorrow – Axis Communications



Security plans for critical infrastructure facilities differ from site to site depending on the complexity of the location. At a time where resources are limited, when it comes to personnel, what are some solutions you can implement to ensure you know what’s happening in and around your perimeters?

Let’s take for example a safety issue arises with one of your employees on site that is critical, and your security manager(s) tend to that specific area where the employee was hurt on the job. While your personnel are tending to the important matter and securing the location, another area of your site is invaded by intruders looking to escape with high value assets. How can you ensure you always have visibility to all locations on (or around) the site even while you’re mobile or your team resources are stretched?

Proactive technology such as AXIS Perimeter Defender gives you an edge where right where security starts—at the perimeter of your facilities or, in and around critical areas you want to protect. The video analytics application, together with Axis network cameras, provides a highly effective system that automatically detects and responds to people and vehicles intruding into your protected areas. A comprehensive perimeter defence helps to reinforce physical access control while also well suited for high-security sites such as refineries, chemical plants, construction sites and power plants to name a few.

Getting prepared

One of the first considerations for those managing critical infrastructure sites would be to establish a perimeter protection plan of your own. Key considerations for your plan would be to:

  • Identify all entrance and exit points to your site: Typically, intruders penetrate these areas first because they’re often the easiest to breach.
  • Examine the physical perimeter: Physical perimeters can contain walls, fences or other environmental structures or barriers, and sometimes natural vegetation.
  • Consider the effects of a breach: Do you need to be alerted when an intruder breaches a fence, or is the distance or direction of the intruder’s movement more important for an alert? It’s crucial to think of the critical to non-critical nature of the property as concentric circles with the center being the most critical and moving outwards from there.

‘Edgy’ devices and innovative solutions

Video motion detection technologies have evolved from pixel-based analysis to smarter, object-based detection that can alert based on object size and speed. IP devices are becoming more powerful at the edge and can run advance analytics for detection and reducing false alarms. Not only does working with IP surveillance make things easier with a click of a button but moving to the edge also means the central server’s processing power can be utilized for other activities, optimizing operational costs and efficiencies for the organization.

To monitor perimeters around the clock and in multiple locations, IP video monitoring technology with remote accessibility are often used. This allows security personnel to survey perimeters whether they’re observing monitors, patrolling facilities or off-premise using mobile devices. For example, if a surveillance operator or on-duty guard sits in his central station in Calgary, he can monitor sites in Fort McMurray, Mariana Lake and Peace River at the same time.

AXIS Perimeter Defender can detect and trigger an alarm using four different types of scenarios:

  1. Intrusion: When a person or vehicle enters a predefined zone.
  2. Zone crossing: When a person or vehicle passes through two predefined zones in a predetermined order and direction.
  3. Loitering: When a person or vehicle remains in a predefined zone for longer than a predefined time.
  4. Conditional zone crossing: When a person or vehicle enters a predefined zone without first entering from or passing through one or more predefined zones.

Perimeter protection solutions also evaluate situations and notify personnel only when there’s a true threat. By dismissing non-threatening subjects or events, employees have a better opportunity to verify the nature of the risk and respond appropriately. Tune into our latest webinar here to hear how it works.

Looking to create a more secure site, uninterrupted operations and a safer workforce – in every step of your operations? Get tips, insight and understand technology applications by downloading your free eBook here.   

For more information please reach out to Obaid Hafiz through email or phone.

Obaid Hafiz
Regional Sales Manager, Axis Communications
T: (587) 226 1664

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