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Raise Production: Introduces High Efficiency Reciprocating Pump for severe inclination and doglegs

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Raise Production Inc’s (RPI) HARPTM – High Angle Reciprocating Pump is an innovative bottomhole pump designed as a solution to maximize drawdown by landing artificial lift at high inclination (up to 95 degrees) in deviated / horizontal wells. The HARPTM comprises the first segment of Raise Efficient Artificial lift – REALTM solutions to maximizing productivity. The HARPTM can stroke at high efficiency in varied and challenging flow regimes:

  • low reservoir pressures result in poor drawdown for pumps landed higher up in the wellbore
  • inconsistent slugging of fluids cause erratic pump efficiency
  • elevated gas/liquid ratios (GLR’s) result in gas locking pumps

RPI’s patented Articulated Plungers target deflection issues that standard “rigid” plungers face in high doglegs. The plunger segments track along the deflection plane of the pump barrel.

RPI’s patented standing and travelling valves are engineered to re-seat every stroke regardless of pump orientation. Standard reciprocating pumps were designed to work in vertical wells and experience a reduction in efficiency beyond 45deg inclination. The HARPTM has a unique guided spring-loaded valve assemblies that ensure valves re-seat on the central line of the pump independent of well inclination (0-95 degrees).


Contact our technical staff to learn more about Raise Production’s holistic approach to optimizing the modern horizontal wellbore – or follow us on LinkedIn as we explore the benefits our Engineering and Artificial Lift solutions. (for US contact and sales)

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