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Raise Production Inc: Artificial Lift Solutions that Ensure Access to High Quality Fluid

Raise production Artificial lift solutions designed to maximize drawdown by accessing high quality fluid

Does TVD gain always indicate potential production gains?

Raise Production Inc (RPI) provides Artificial Lift solutions designed to maximize drawdown—but it is important to first determine the Flow Regime at the heel of the horizontal to determine optimal pump intake location, avoiding disorganized and mixed fluid.

Understanding inflow conditions aids in the design and selection of direct gas separation, slug reduction and foam mitigation measures—controlling the environment to allow pump intakes at 90deg (maximum depth).

  • Are your fluid level shots accurately representing solid fluid?
  • What quality of fluid do you have access to deeper in the well?
  • How does foam materialize? Where does it accumulate?
  • Can you avoid poor quality fluid and foam when choosing an intake landing depth, or should you choose to proactively mitigate the foam at the source—in effect, directly improving the quality of the fluid to be produced?

Understanding inflow conditions is the first step towards maximizing productivity from your well. Contact us to learn more about how this can apply to your particular wells.

Stay tuned next week as we reveal how we IMPROVE FLUID QUALITY before pump intake with the REALTM – Horizontal Wellbore Separator.

Contact our technical staff to learn more about Raise Production’s holistic approach to optimizing the modern horizontal wellbore – or follow us on LinkedIn as we explore the benefits of our Engineering and Artificial Lift solutions. (for US contact and sales)


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