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Looking for a more cost effective and efficient way to recover, reuse, and recycle water during your flowback?

Looking for a more cost efficient and effective way to recover, reuse, and recycle water during your flowback

During these challenging times in the industry companies are looking for ways to save money. Tiamat Solutions newly designed system to filter and recover water during flowback or coil mill outs is more efficient and effective, providing you with cost savings on your completion projects. With our unique design we are able to reduce the cost of your disposal fees, trucking fees, holding tanks, and overall environmental footprint when completing your wells.

Our systems design stands apart from the alternative filtration solutions currently available by:

  • Filtering out suspended solids and light end hydrocarbons from flowback at a rate of up to 7/m3 per minute
  • Separating out and drying all sand and solids into a shale bin for disposal, getting it to the point it can be accepted as non-hazardous waste at a landfill
  • We eliminate the need for any vac trucks hauling any slurry to disposal, providing substantial cost savings
  • We eliminate the need for holding tanks to allow particulates to settle – Can flow directly into the c-ring
  • With a variety of filter media available, water can be filtered down to as low as 5 microns
  • We eliminate the need to shut down for sand clean outs
  • Multiple checks, balances and fail safes – creating a highly safe and effective system

For more details please contact our Business Development Lead

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