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INTERVIEW: West Country Energy Services with Darin Doel – Pipeline Integrity Services

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West Country Energy Services

Q: What is your role at WCES?

A: I manage the Pipeline Integrity Services Division at West Country. We currently service clients throughout Alberta and Saskatchewan. We are looking forward to opportunities for expansion into more provinces throughout Canada.

Q: What type of technology and services are offered to perspective clients?

A: Our company offers a multitude of compliance-based services to our clients. This includes Fugitive Emissions and Methane Leak Detection on various types of energy infrastructure.

We partner with our clients to ensure that they are achieving their environmental, compliance and public safety responsibilities. Services offered in the Pipeline Integrity Services Division include Methane Leak Detection on distribution, transmission and production systems. We survey gas systems from the well to the home. We also offer Optical Gas Imaging (OGI) Inspections and Emissions Measurements. In addition, we provide ROW inspections, Gas Migration Tests, and Consulting Services.

While performing system integrity inspections, we utilize different technologies and methodologies. These include traditional over the line methods, mobile Flame Ionization with the GasTrak SuprSnifr and OGI Cameras.

Pre Job Hazard Assessment

Q: Is there any new technology on the radar right now?

A: West Country is an innovative and progressive company. As a management team we work together with our partners to develop technology and processes which improve our accuracy while reducing our costs to the client.

We have some exciting technological advancements that we are currently working on and hoping to launch over the next year. This includes the UltraSnifr, the next Generation of mobile leak detection.

The UltraSnifr will have a greater degree of sensitivity and include technology advancements that will assist the Technician to achieve a more reliable, accurate and consistent survey.

We are continuously working on other technological and process advancements however it’s a bit too early to share.  However, I look forward to sharing more details when we are closer to launching this technology.


Q: How has the industry downturn affected business?

A: The oil and gas industry challenges have impacted all of us, clients included. And we are no different than anyone else, we had to look internally to find opportunities to control service costs and streamline processes.



Q: What are the challenges of your job, and the division overall?

A: Anytime you have growth and success as a division or company you will find challenges and opportunities. The key challenge/opportunity for us is to continue developing the depth and experience in our key staff and team leaders. As a company you are only as good as your team. We currently have a very experienced and competent team. Having said that, duplicating and growing experience is key to the long-term success of West Country. We continue to identify staff that we can invest in and prepare them for key positions in the company.

The second part to your question is that we are a very technology-based industry, and as with any type technology, it is ever changing and improving. Staying on top of the latest trends and advancements and learning if or how it fits with West Country. We are always looking for ways to improve and streamline both the services and our own internal processes which in turn is passed on to the clients improving their experience with us.

Q: What sets WCES apart?

A: We offer reliable and trustworthy surveys by trained, competent and certified technicians. In addition, we have a high return rate of our seasonal staff year after year. Experience is a huge asset for our company, our leadership and staff bring over 100 years of combined field experience to the company. We pride ourselves on completing all projects on scheduled timelines. We provide clients with comprehensive and accurate documentation detailing all relevant information.

About West Country Energy Services

West Country Energy Services is the preferred provider of infrastructure services; committed to client and public partnerships.  We offer 20 years of experience and quality service to the energy sector.

We specialize in:

  • Pipeline Integrity Services:
    • Natural Gas Leak Surveys via GasTrak SuprSnifr mobile trucks, walking surveys, Optical Gas Imaging (OGI), and Gas Migration Testing
    • Pipeline Inspections – Inspecting Water Crossings, Road Crossing, Signage and ROW’s
  • Vegetation Management:
    • Weed Control via Truck, Backpack, Aerial, and Tracked Equipment

To learn more about West Country Energy Services, please visit:

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