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Disco on Your Rig or Campsite? – Wintercom Can Get you Moving! – Teletics


Ok you won’t be dancing on the rig, well, maybe sometimes. The strobe light is actually for safety not for disco. On a drilling rig, safety is always paramount. Communication systems must work in the time of an emergency. However, a customer told me something interesting recently.

This factory had an emergency system installed a long time ago. It was triggered by any of their supervisors pushing one of the panic buttons located throughout the factory. The idea was supposed to be that if staff hear this alarm, they simply got out of the buildings.

Twenty years ago, when your heard an alarm, you probably paid attention. Now days, everything I own seems to make noise, from my phone to my fridge and toaster oven. Our customers’ staff also includes some that are hearing impaired, so they couldn’t hear the alarm anyway.

The solution is actually pretty simple. Just tell people what they should do. Instead of sounding a buzzer, give audible instructions. And flash a strobe for the hearing-impaired that will allow them to look up and see what most of the staff are doing.

Teletics w*intercom PA & Phone system can give clear instructions, even in multiple languages, and can strobe a warning light, if needed. You can have multiple alarms. Professional voice actors can provide clear, direct, instructions that are blasted out company wide. Strobes can also flash. And, unlike loud buzzers that are used on some systems, you can adjust the volume the way you want it, instead of using all those socks and duct tape to bring a buzzer down to a dull roar.

We can even tell everyone it’s lunch time!

To learn more about how Teletic’s w*intercom can be used on your drilling rig or camp site, download Teletics Application Note Drilling Rig Communications with the w*intercom.

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