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Weekly Canadian Oil & Gas Industry Highlights – June 5, 2017

June 5, 2017

Presented by POIM Consulting Group

Major /Interesting Projects

  • Strategic Oil & Gas Ltd 13 New Oil satellite HIGH LEVEL
  • Birchill Canada Corp. New Gas Plant Multi Compressor BRAZEAU RIVER
  • Penn West Exploration Adding new Compression 16-01-083-18W5
  • Keyera Sanctions Wapiti Natural Gas Gathering & Processing Complex Phase one is estimated at $470 million
  • Birchcliff Energy Ltd. 4 well Pad POUCE COUPE SOUTH
  • Caltex Resources Ltd. Multiple Disposal Wells Kindersley
  • Delphi Energy Corp 1-18-59-23W5 pad
  • MEG Energy Corp. Infill Pad HARDY


First Facility License Current Year

  • Encana Corporation_Licence Amendment_Gas battery – multiwell _AB_02-02-062-25W5
  • ORLEN UPSTREAM CANADA_Licence Amendment_Gas battery – multiwell _AB_03-30-063-05W6
  • SemCAMS ULC_Licence Amendment_Gas processing plant_AB_01-12-062-20W5
  • Spur Resources Ltd_Licence Amendment_Oil battery – multiwell _AB_13-21-058-14W4
  • Wolf Coulee Resources Inc_Licence Amendment_Oil battery – single well _AB_11-24-013-19W4
  • MIDALE PETROLEUMS LTD._New Licence_Multi-Well Oil Battery_SK_08-30-06-07-W2
  • Summerland Energy Inc_New Licence_Oil satellite – multiwell _AB_12-23-072-10W6
  • Birchill Exploration Limited Partnership_New Licence_Gas processing plant _AB_11-13-043-13W5


First Well License Current Year

  • Advantage Oil & Gas Ltd._AB_16-24-075-11W6
  • RMP Energy Ltd_AB_15-14-068-03W6
  • Blackbird Energy Inc._AB_14-14-070-07W6
  • Toro Oil & Gas Ltd_AB_04-20-035-10W4
  • RED RIVER OIL INC._SK_03-01-007-30W1
  • Star Valley Drilling Ltd._SK_16-14-047-25W3


First Wells Drilled Since Apr 1 2017

  • Gear Energy Ltd_AB_12-16-048-05W4
  • Blackspur Oil Corp._AB_01-29-019-13W4
  • Rockeast Energy Corp._AB_05-31-039-08W4
  • Karve Energy Inc._AB_04-28-035-08W4
  • Prairie Storm Energy Corp._AB_14-32-039-05W5
  • Venturion Natural Resources Limited_AB_01-04-046-12W4
  • Rampart Oil Inc._AB_06-07-014-25W4
  • Venturion Natural Resources Limited_AB_09-05-049-13W4
  • VILLANOVA 4 OIL CORP._SK_12-15-007-13W2
  • Ridgeback Resources Inc._SK_15-04-010-07W2
  • Novus Energy Inc._SK_04-19-029-25W3
  • Ox Energy Ltd_SK_11-31-004-20W2
  • TRILAND ENERGY INC._SK_03-14-007-04W2
  • Rife Resources Ltd_SK_03-35-006-34W1
  • Star Valley Drilling Ltd._SK_16-14-047-25W3


Rigs First Time Drilling Since Apr 1 2017

  • Bonanza 6_Blackspur Oil Corp._AB_01-29-019-13W4
  • Ensign 348_Karve Energy Inc._AB_04-28-035-08W4
  • Horizon 7_Venturion Natural Resources Limited_AB_01-04-046-12W4
  • Ironhand 8_Peyto Exploration and Development Corp._AB_13-05-044-12W5
  • Ironhand 9_Peyto Exploration and Development Corp._AB_15-16-043-14W5
  • Nabors 15_Prairie Storm Energy Corp._AB_14-32-039-05W5
  • Precision 141_Canadian Natural Resources Limited_AB_12-14-050-06W4
  • Precision 184_Rampart Oil Inc._AB_06-07-014-25W4
  • Preditor 27_Tamarack Valley Energy Ltd_AB_14-22-034-09W4
  • Savanna 440_Venturion Natural Resources Limited_AB_09-05-049-13W4
  • Trinidad 7_Gear Energy Ltd_AB_12-16-048-05W4
  • Twilight 1_Crescent Point Energy Corp._AB_10-36-019-03W5
  • Betts 2_TRILAND ENERGY INC._SK_03-14-007-04W2
  • Bonanza 1_TEINE ENERGY LTD._SK_03-18-034-23W3
  • D2 1_VILLANOVA 4 OIL CORP._SK_12-15-007-13W2
  • Ensign 360_Rife Resources Ltd_SK_03-35-006-34W1
  • Horizon 34_Ox Energy Ltd_SK_11-31-004-20W2
  • Precision 148_Novus Energy Inc._SK_04-19-029-25W3
  • Savanna 418_NORTHERN BLIZZARD RESOURCES INC._SK_14-27-041-25W3
  • Savanna 629_Crescent Point Energy Corp._SK_14-14-008-19W3
  • Stampede 3_Ridgeback Resources Inc._SK_15-04-010-07W2



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