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ESG and Lift Plus Energy Solutions – Make An Impactful Contribution In Reducing GHG Emissions and Power Consumption

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Lift Plus Energy Solutions’ technology directly supports the Environmental aspect of an ESG program.  The features and benefits simply make an impactful contribution in reducing GHG emissions and power consumption.

Real Results

  • Substantial reduction in GHG emission.
    • via avoided units of carbon dioxide emissions.
    • via significantly reducing SOR and optimizing natural gas consumption.
  • Step change in CAPEX and OPEX savings.
  • Considerable reduction in power use.

More Information

Lift Plus Energy Solutions has developed and is providing a proven Artificial Lift System that when used in thermal EOR applications can greatly reduce GHG emission and significantly reduce electrical power consumption.

It does this by simply using the energy resident within SAGD facilities to do the work required to produce the emulsion volumes sought without needing additional external sources of energy.

This premise alone brings a plethora of meaningful and tangible operational efficiencies.

Example 1

As compared to a 150 hp electric motor which continuously draws electricity to power an alternative Artificial Lift System, the Lift Plus System:

Requires 0 power on a comparative basis. One needs only to convert this reduction in kilowatt-hours into avoided units of carbon dioxide emissions.  This benefit alone is calculated to be the equivalent of removing approximately 120 cars off the street.

LiftPlus - Graph 1 V3

Example 2

As compared to a Gas Lift operation whereby 1000s of m3/d of natural gas is continuously injected to produce some hundreds of m3/d of produced emulsion, the Lift Plus System:

Can require 55%+ less gas to produce the same or more emulsion as Gas Lift.

Provides extra gas capacity to the SAGD asset to operate new infill wells. “Doing More With Less”

Its positive displacement pumping nature allows for pumping capability in a low pressure SAGD environment (where warranted) thereby significantly lowering SOR.

Eliminates the tight emulsion (gas entrained with water and oil) which is otherwise apparent with Gas Lift. The plant operational costs are therefor significantly reduced when dealing with the more homogenous Lift Plus emulsion.

LiftPlus - Graph 2 V2

Example 3

In wedge well applications with room temperature like bottomhole temperatures, the Lift Plus System:

Can immediately commence pumping without any thermal intervention.

As it has infinite turn down capability the same system can pump the low volume, cold emulsion at the beginning and the eventual higher volume, hot emulsion thereafter. The pump has experienced a 75x multiple swing in production volumes.

LiftPlus - Graph 3 V3


The Lift Plus System is currently being considered and/or is planned for:

  • New SAGD pads.
  • Replace and integrate into existing Gas Lift Pads.
  • Wedge wells.
  • Replace problematic ESP installations.
  • Replace Problematic Rod Pump installations.
  • Late in life wells
  • Future installations that would have otherwise used Rod Pumps.

The list of features and benefits all of which support ESG programs:

  • Reduction in GHG emission
  • Reduction in power usage
  • Increased bitumen production
  • Decrease in Capex and Opex
  • 7-year SAGD run time
    • Reliable, robust design, minimizing intervention.
  • Ease and safe completion
  • Ease of operation
  • Infinite turn down.

Lift Plus is an innovative technology company focused on contributing to the oil and gas industry’s sustainability.

For more information, please visit or contact

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