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Bell: Kenney Skewers Blanchet, Ungrateful Separatist

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Published:May 8, 2020

You remember those Bobbsey Twins of B.S.

You remember Yves-Francois Blanchet, the separatist frontman who lives on a steady diet of Quebec being hard done by.

You remember Elizabeth May, the main mouthpiece of Canada’s Greens, the dreamer of other people’s nightmares.

And you remember being on the receiving end of the slap in the face from both of them.

It was more like a punch in the gut.

The stab in the back.

It was more like a stab from the front, the knife-wielders looking straight at us.

The insult. A kick in the groin is closer to capturing the feeling for some of us.

These are the days when the separatist Blanchet tells us the oilsands … he calls them tar sands … are condemned.

The condemned are executed. They are not bailed out. They are not helped anywhere but to the hanging tree.

These are the days when Green guru May tells us oil is dead and advises not putting money into fossil fuels because they’re going the way of Blockbuster Video.

As for the prime minister, earlier in the week he pledges support for the energy industry, whatever that means.

Justin Trudeau says energy workers will play an essential part in moving Canada to a “different energy mix” and figuring out the move to “greater greener goals.”

You translate. I’ve misplaced my Trudeau-to-English dictionary.

Premier Jason Kenney is ticked off, especially with Blanchet. After all, Quebec should realize who is the giver and who is the taker.

Blanchet and May are piling on Albertans and energy workers in trying times.

The premier asks the destructive duo to stop kicking us while we’re down. Kenney says the attacks are, in a way, “unCanadian.”

The premier says he’s defending the oilpatch against attacks from people “ungrateful” for what energy workers have done for Canada and especially Quebec. That includes the blowhard Blanchet.

He says Blanchet seems “obsessed” with attacking Albertans for making money and then sharing with other Canadians — particularly Quebec, which gets the biggest payday.

Quebec gets $13 billion a year in equalization payments. The Quebec government has scooped tens of billions of bucks from money made by the oilpatch in Alberta.

Tens of thousands of individuals have come from Quebec to work in Alberta.

Alberta supplies almost half of Quebec’s oil. In Quebec, there are record sales of SUVs. Quebecers love taking planes southward to vacations. Quebecers enjoy the benefits of the modern industrial economy.

That economy is not fuelled by maple syrup. That’s my gag line, not Kenney’s.

Blanchet is Alberta bashing.

Looking back it wasn’t long ago when Alberta shipped masks, gloves and ventilators to Quebec because Kenney said this province couldn’t stand by indifferently while COVID-19 threatened the lives of fellow Canadians.

But then again, Blanchet doesn’t see us as fellow Canadians.

Kenney tells us Blanchet says Albertans have been sending Quebec a string of insults.

Of course, it’s not insults. It’s cold hard cash.

Enter Rosemarie Falk, a Conservative MP from the great province of Saskatchewan.

On Thursday, the Ottawa politicians are on their computers holding a gabfest.

Usually, these mind-numbing exercises are more tedious than being told for the gazillionth time how, with the novel coronavirus, we’re all in this together.

But this time there’s a little rumble in the jungle.

Falk asks Trudeau if he’ll stand up for Canada’s energy workers or does he agree with “the fringe left” and “those who want to destroy our country.”

It’s obvious Falk is talking about May, the fringe left and Blanchet, who wants to destroy our country.

May is offended. She believes Falk’s language is unparliamentary. She believes the language is absolutely unacceptable.

“It is unacceptable to assert that anyone who wants to make a point about our economy is trying to destroy the country.”

She misses the point. She should get a life.

Falk says people in the area she represents take great offence at the repeated attacks against them.

She says Trudeau’s help-is-on-the-way routine is “empty platitudes and empty words.”

Trudeau, empty platitudes and empty words? Say it ain’t so.

Falk really hopes she’s wrong about Trudeau. She doesn’t think she is.

As for taking on May and Blanchet, would she do it again?

“Sure. Absolutely,” says the MP, with no hesitation.

“Canada without oil and gas. I don’t really know what that looks like. That’s not something I want to even imagine or envision.”


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