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Watch & Share If You Agree – Canada’s Energy Citizens


Many of us have had to make significant sacrifices in order to help fight the COVID-19 pandemic. Yet, that hasn’t stopped Canadian’s from stepping up to do their part and contribute when they can. Companies from across the economy have re-tooled to produce much needed medical supplies, or donate reserve personal protective equipment to support the amazing work of our dedicated healthcare professionals.

However, environmental organizations seem to be the only ones that haven’t gotten the memo that we are all in this together. Instead of stepping up to ask ‘how can we help?’, these groups continue to advocate for the end of an industry that employs over 500,000 Canadians, is responsible for $109 billion of our country’s GDP, and provides $8 billion in annual revenues to governments. Since the beginning of the outbreak, environmental organizations have launched nearly a dozen campaigns against Canadian oil and natural gas, and lobbied the federal government nearly 50 times in the month of March alone.

Canada’s natural resources are our country’s natural advantage. What we choose to do today, in terms of support for the energy industry, will determine Canada’s role as a global energy supplier in the future.

A strong industry creates jobs across Canada and much needed revenue for governments in every part of the country. The oil and natural gas industry is key to Canada’s economic well-being and it’s determined to help lead the country’s recovery.

We won’t let Canada down. We’ll be there on the other side of this storm, to work with governments and support Canadians.

Together we will build a foundation for long-term resilience in this country we call home.

Thank you,

Canada’s Energy Citizens

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