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Codeco-Vanoco Engineering – Completes Successful Liner Install for Mining Paste Holes

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Codeco -Vanoco Engineering Inc. (CVEI) is pleased to announce the successful completion of two liner installations on existing paste holes for a mining client in Northern Manitoba, Canada.

The original paste hole wellbores were drilled previously by Codeco-Vanoco Engineering Inc. at an inclination of 60° (from surface) to a measured depth of 870m (2855ft). Recently the 219mm (8⅝”) casing was evaluated and determined to be compromised due to the abrasive nature of the paste being transported through the casing.

Codeco-Vanoco Engineers conducted several field visits  to observe the site and  the existing facilities at surface and underground to provide a solution to the problem.  The option of drilling two new paste wells was quickly eliminated due to the permanent mining facilities in place causing limited space for the required drilling rig and associated equipment.  After working with the clients engineering department, a decision was made to re-enter the existing wellbores and install a liner on the inside of each paste hole. This allowed the client to continue pouring while repair work was being performed on the other paste hole.

Liner Operations

Codeco-Vanoco Engineering Inc. selected TNT Power Tongs from  Edmonton, Alberta Canada to  design and manufacture a casing jack to accommodate the limited working area and satisfy the downhole requirements. This casing jack configuration along with other associated equipment allowed us to design a bottom hole assemble to clean/ circulate debris from wellbores.

Two 152 mm (6”) coated liners 3m ( 10 ft) in length were successfully run inside the 219 mm (8⅝”) using the casing jacks and grouted to surface.  The project  was on budget and the mine incurred minimal delays to the paste pouring operations. This accomplishment will allow other mining/energy companies to have confidence in workover operations on existing well sites with limited access and  underground  challenges.

Codeco -Vanoco Engineering Inc. has been a leader in providing engineering and project management to the energy and mining industry for over 30 years in Canada and the U.S. through our subsidiary Vanoco Consulting LLC based in Denver, Colorado.  Our experienced technical teams can provide engineering and consulting services to all industry sectors including sustainable energy projects.

For more information on Codeco-Vanoco Engineering Inc. or Vanoco Consulting LLC., our people and services visit:

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