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Featured Product: H2S Scavengers Information & Support Services – StaSweet

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StaSweet-6000 Product Table

Founded in 1996, CFR Chemicals is a privately owned Western Canadian based company. Our primary focus is the distribution of chemicals to the energy and industrial manufacturing industries, while still providing a niche market of specialty oil production chemicals.

With a strong network of suppliers around the world and a highly experienced management team, we serve our clients and customers with pride and an unparalleled level of service. This is the reason CFR will become your first-choice chemical supplier.

StaSweet-6000 Treatment Solutions

Superior scavenger efficiencies compared to triazin-based chemistry

The Research and Testing is Corroborated by the Results in the Field

StaSweet-6000 Research and Testing


Box Scrubber TESTIMONIAL January 5, 2018

Trucking Company in West-Central Alberta

The Customer loaded CFR StaSweet™ 6000 scavenger on October 11th 2017.

  • 9 loads of full sour product 25%-35% at 40 m3 a load
  • 9 sweet loads transported after each full sour load

So effectively:

  • Tuesdays – 360m3 of 25%-35% full sour loads through scrubber
  • Wednesdays – 360m3 of sweet water through scrubber as well
  • Random Top Up – 110m3-220m3 of sour through top up loads
  • After Random Top Up – 440 m3 of sweet to sweeten trailers


  • 1360 m3 of water was run through 160 L of StaSweet™ 6000 in the scrubber tank
  • No recorded breakthrough of H2S in the vent gas. LELs were detected and so the StaSweet™ 6000 was changed out.
  • We had since purchased a competitive Scavenger Product to test. On its first use, our truck was sent home because it was releasing an unacceptable 24ppm.
  • Since going back to the CFR StaSweet™ 6000 scavenger, we have not had an issue.


“The effectiveness of the product definitely makes up for any price difference as it ultimately saved us significant money over the life of the product.”  – Adam Drysdale, Area Manager – Energetic Services

Condensate Sweetening TESTIMONIAL  October, 2017

Oil Company, Grande Prairie

During a pipeline outage this spring, C5+ was being hauled to a sweet Edmonton tank facility where H2S levels in the vapor space needed to be maintained at 200ppm or less. Untreated, values reached over 10,000ppm H2S.

“We had used a competitive scavenger in a previous haul and found CFR Chemicals to be a more cost effective solution, all things considered. A couple of test loads with StaSweet™ 6000 were sent and we achieved the desired results. The treatment rate was higher with StaSweet™ 6000 but it was still a cost saver for our company because of a lower cost per liter.”

The fluid being treated was sour condensate.

StaSweet™ 6000 was introduced directly into the truck loading lines on our tanks and the chemical pumps injected the scavenger as soon as the truck loading ESD’s would open. The trucks would load and the scavenger pump would stop when the trucker hit the stop sequence on our truck loading station. We tried to ensure the trucks kept a steady load rate of roughly 1m³/minute. StaSweet™ 6000 feed rates were set at 3.5L/min for new tanks and 4.3L/min for old tanks.” – Plant, Lead Operator

Sweetening of Produced Water, December 2014

Oil Company, Grande Prairie

CFR Chemicals was approached to treat sour produced water using StaSweet™ 6000. The goal was to eliminate approximately 613 mg/L H2S in water.

Water samples from storage tanks were recorded at 310 mg/L H2S in the water, and 1.4% (14 000 ppm) in the headspace.

20L of StaSweet™ 6000 was loaded into a truck. Approximately 12L in a 10m3 compartment, and 8L in an 18m3 compartment. The truck tanks were then loaded with sour water, and allowed to sit for 5 minutes. With minimal agitation, water samples were taken and tested for aqueous and headspace H2S.

Both tanks showed 0 ppm H2S in the water phase after treatment of the 28m3 of fluid. The 10m3 tank tested at 0 ppm H2S in the headspace, while the 18m3 tank tested at 300 ppm H2S. This was a reduction of 13,700ppm using less than 10L of StaSweet™ 6000.

Reference Material

StaSweet-6000 Lifespan Calculation

StaSweet-6000 Amount of StaSweet 6000 to each m3 of sour

Spent Material Discharge for StaSweet Treatment Chemicals

A Class 1b Injection well is a deep well disposal of produced water, specific common oilfield waste streams, and waste streams meeting criteria; and constructed and operated in accordance with the requirements of class 1b wells as specified by the Oil and Gas Commission.

Under Listed Wastes, the StaSweet spent material that has been mixed with produced water or specific common oilfield waste streams appropriate for disposal in Class 1b wells and can be considered as a standard industrial practice.

The StaSweet falls under the criteria listed in section

  • Amine filter backwash (e.g. MEA, DEA, MDEA).
  • Acidic or alkaline solutions (neutralized) with heavy metal concentrations at or below the levels given in Schedule 1.
  • Gas scrubber or absorption tower bottom liquids (neutralized) with heavy metal concentrations at or below the levels of Schedule 1.

Contact CFR Chemicals

24 Hour Emergency: 1 (877) 269-3419

Health & Safety
CFR is proud to have obtained an Alberta Certificate of Recognition (COR). This represents a significant achievement in our health and safety practices. We strive for continuous improvement, and to be a valued resource on best-practices within our industry. We welcome comments and suggestions from our customers – chat with us today.

We are also proud members of both ISNetworld, and Complyworks. Contact our Health and Safety manager for additional safety information, or our Corporate Development Manager for more information on our involvement with vendor management systems.

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