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Aerostar Can Help with Corrosion Under Insullation (CUI Detection): Here’s How


Aerostar Drone Solutions has developed a procedure for utilizing UAV’s to help locate potential areas of CUI (Corrosion Under Insulation).

CUI accounts for approximately 40% of all corrosion related costs in North America.  This type of corrosion is typically caused by moisture becoming trapped beneath process insulation.  If left undetected this could lead to catastrophic failures on process piping, surface pipelines, tanks and pressure vessels.  Conventional methods for detection typically rely on historical failures and insulation removal in suspected areas.

Aerostar’s UAV technology incorporates Thermal/IR technology to find areas where the insulation has become degraded due to moisture being trapped.  These areas can then be investigated further to help determine if CUI has started and perform NDT to identify the extent of it.  This helps our customers eliminate the guessing at where they could be at risk for CUI.  Aerostar has performed this type of inspection for many of our customers and was the first in North America to utilize UAV technology for CUI detection.

In addition, as part of this inspection Aerostar can help provide an assessment on the current condition of the insulation allowing for our customers to plan and budget for replacement in the future.  This is particularly beneficial for Surface Pipelines in SAGD Operations.

Some examples of CUI detection are shown below.

Insulation Breakdown on Tank Walls

Insulation Breakdown on Tank Walls

Insulation Degradation on a Tank Roof

Insulation Degradation on a Tank Roof

Varying Degrees of Insulation Degradation on Surface Pipelines

Varying Degrees of Insulation Degradation on Surface Pipelines

Aerostar Drone Solutions is one of the leading UAV Inspection companies in North America servicing the Oil & Gas and Petrochemical Industries.  All our UAV Pilots have Advanced UAV Certification by Transport Canada and Part 107 Certification by the FAA in the United States.

Contact Aerostar Drone Solutions today to learn the benefits of UAV Inspections and how they will reduce risk to people and reduce your inspection costs.
Main: 1-888-699-8421
Darren Jackson: 587-577-1565
Kurt Hewitt: 780-830-8303

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