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The Future of Your Sale Lies in Your Prospect’s Past – Sandler Training

“So how’d you think that sales call went?”

“Pretty good. I learned about their current issues and when they need to have a solution implemented and what they were willing and able to invest to move forward. And I got a date in the calendar with our primary contact and the other key decision makers in two weeks to present a proposal and get a clear ‘stop’ or ‘go’ from them at the end. If we’re ‘go’ they’ll sign an agreement, pick a start date and make arrangements for their down payment.”

“True. What are you planning to propose?”

“Based on what they shared probably Usual Solution C.”

“Fair enough. Why Usual Solution C?”

“It addresses all of their current pain points and is expandable in the future if there’s an opportunity to do more business.”

“Makes sense. Have they ever tried to fix their pain with something that is similar to Usual Solution C?”

“I don’t know.”

“That’s okay. What do you think they’d say when you present Usual Solution C to them in two weeks and it looks or feels like something they already tried?”

“They’d probably say, ‘we already tried that’ and I either lose the sale or get pushed back. Either way I lose credibility.”

“More than likely. What do you want to do?”

“Definitely want to circle back to my primary contact and ask more questions.”


“Like, what have they done. What happened when they did that. What else they tried before calling us.”

“That’s a good start. Tell me, how do they plan to cost justify buying from us?”


“Meaning that Usual Solution C has a price attached and I believe you’d prefer to stay out of a protracted negotiation, fair?”

“Fair. How do I have that conversation without telling them the price of Usual Solution C?”

“In my experience the problems they’re experiencing are either costing them real dollars every month and/or they’re missing out on a positive financial payoff because their problem(s) still exist. Guide them to figuring out that number then Usual Solution C will likely be a worthwhile investment even if it’s more than they spent in the past on the ‘fixes’ that didn’t work.”

“I can do that. I’ll put a question around quantifying their problems on my pre-call plan.”

“Great. How do they feel about the problems they’re facing?”

“Our primary contact said they were ‘frustrated that they haven’t figured out a solution yet.'”

“Glad you heard that. When a prospect gets emotionally involved in fixing their problems that usually means we’ve built credibility so they feel comfortable sharing feelings. Doesn’t mean we’ll close, but it does mean that we’re closer to a ‘trusted adviser’ than a ‘vendor’ in their mind.”

“Fantastic. Would you be okay to role play the proposal meeting with me next week?”

“Absolutely. Send me a meeting invite to lock my calendar.”

Until next time… go sell something.


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