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Use EnergyNow to Boost Exposure & Generate Leads! Fall/Winter Marketing & Pricing Options & Details HERE

Targeted to Your Audience, Market Your Products/Services
Generate More Leads

EnergyNow uses all of its Digital Marketing Platforms to Market Your Company

(Website, Daily Email, EnergyNow SHOWCASE, Social Media etc.)

Get Fall/Winter  Pricing Options HERE

Marketing on EnergyNow is Designed to:

  • Focus on your company’s target market
  • Consistently get your company marketing exposure for a Whole Year on EnergyNow
  • Effectively market your products and services or publish your content
  • Maximize your Brand Recognition
  • Generate Leads
  • Be Affordable: Annual cost is approximately the cost of print magazine ad for one month
  • Compliment your direct sales efforts with digital marketing
  • Promote your company on our extensive social media channels

Did You Know?

  • Energy Industry B2B Byers (those companies you sell services/products to) are 5x more reliant on digital content to make a decision than 5 years ago
  • 80% of Energy Services Buyers do their research on your company online prior to talking to you or your salesperson
  • 78% of your customers or prospects are influenced by social/business media in some way when purchasing products and services
  • 90% of energy industry decision makers will not answer a cold call (or rarely return phone calls)
  • 70% of B2B marketers use some form of video to promote their company as video content receives 3x as many links as text posts
  • 85% of marketers say that the number one benefit of digital marketing is brand exposure, followed by increased website traffic and marketplace awareness (your products and services)


New Potential Customers are more online savvy and respond better to newer marketing methods (video, webinars, published content, case studies, announcements, podcasts, etc.

Your 12 Month Marketing Plan on EnergyNow
(Adjustable to Your Own Marketing Schedule)
We Make it Easy!
(Published on EnergyNow Website, Email, Digital Marketplace and Social Media Platforms)

Use this month by month guideline as a template for what you can do on EnergyNow over a 12 month period.  By mapping out an  announcement schedule (like the one here), you will maximize your exposure on EnergyNow.

MONTH 1: Your Company is a Featured Company or Employer (SHOWCASE –See Examples Below)

MONTH 2: Company Announcement (See Examples Below)

MONTH 3: Publish a Feature Introductory Video we produce for you (or one of your own videos)  (See Examples Below)

MONTH 4: Company Announcement (See Examples Below)

MONTH 5: Feature Story (See Examples Below)

MONTH 6: (REPEAT FROM  #1)Your Company is a Featured Company or Employer (SHOWCASE –See Examples Below)

MONTH 7: Company Announcement (See Examples Below)

MONTH 8: (REPEAT FROM #2) Publish a Feature Introductory Video we produce for you (or one of your  own videos)   (See Examples Below)

MONTH 9: Company Announcement (See Examples Below)

MONTH 10: Company Announcement (See Examples Below)

MONTH 11:  (REPEAT FROM #3) Feature Story (See Examples Below)

MONTH 12: Company Announcement (See Examples Below)

YEARS  2, 3….etc…REPEAT

Sample Company Announcements:

(All the things you can do on EnergyNow to promote your brand and products/services)

  1. Feature Company                         
  2. Feature Story                                 
  3. Feature Video:                               
  4. Product Promotion:                    
  5. Name Change:                               
  6. Cost Savings Solution:                
  7. Project Completion:
  8. Job Openings:                                
  9. New Client Announcement: 
  10. Case Study:                                     
  11. Pricing Announcement:            
  12. Special Award: 
  13. Course Announcement:            
  14. Press Releases:                             
  15. Acquisition:                                   
  16. New Technology:                         
  17. New Office Location:                 
  18. New Equipment:                         
  19. Tradeshow Announcement:   
    • (Example)                               
  20. Job Fair                                         
  21. New Website Announcement
  22. Company Presentation
  23. Open House or Equipment Display
  24. New Services
  25. Company Brochure
  26. Podcast
  27. Webinar

Get Fall/Winter  Pricing Options HERE

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