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Create Personal Success with a “HIVE” Mind – What is “HIVE”? Find Out HERE: Sandler Training

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Written by Hamish Knox; President of Sandler in Calgary, Canada

Creating accountable, sales focused organizations in Calgary




Being part of a “hive mind” is often interpreted as a negative; however, from a personal development perspective, HIVE is a great framework to create individual success.

  • Humility – be willing to admit, to yourself first, that you aren’t perfect and be open to growth opportunities even if they feel scary or uncomfortable.
  • Introspection – regularly make time to self-reflect on your behaviors, attitudes and techniques and identify growth areas.
  • Vulnerability – ask for support from your family, friends, coaches, advisers and/or peers.
  • Execution – create momentum in your development by taking daily actions towards the mountain tops you designed for yourself during your introspection time.

Your HIVE probably isn’t perfect. Mine isn’t. As when you seek to expand your comfort zone build your HIVE one small step at a time.

To grow in humility seek out coaches, mentors and/or peers and give them permission to speak openly and directly about your behaviors and attitudes. This is challenging, especially for leaders who have reached a certain level of success with a set of behaviors and attitudes that now are hindering further levels of success instead of supporting. Based on experience the first person you ask won’t be your spouse or partner because you and they are too emotionally attached. The first person who will support you in raising your level of humility could be your accountant or lawyer who you are already paying to be open and direct about certain parts of your business.

Journaling is one of the most effective methods to develop the skill of introspection. When journaling celebrate your successes, write out a statement of your ideal future as if it had just happened/was happening to you now and write down and reflect on your lessons learned. A technique we teach our clients for jump starting introspection is “tactical debriefing.” Simply put answer these three questions. 1) what did the other person say or do? 2) what did I say or do (which wasn’t beneficial) 3) what would I say or do next time? This starts a rewiring in your brain and the next time you encounter a similar situation your brain will say, “we’ve been here before. Last time we took thatpath (that wasn’t beneficial), but this time will take this path that we believe will be more beneficial.”

Vulnerability is your greatest strength. Being vulnerable tells you who will support you when it comes to your personal development. To practise being vulnerable say, “I need help with…” or “I’d love your support with…” Traditionally leaders, especially if they are an entrepreneur too, have been taught to be the “lone hero.” Humans are social creatures who want to support. Reflect on your attempts at vulnerability in your journal to imprint those lessons on yours.

Without execution, your HIVE will wither. One of my Strategic Coach colleagues share the idea of being 1% better every day, which initially doesn’t appear to produce results, but over time through the compounding of 1% on 1% on 1% you achieve exponential growth. High achievers tend to be challenged by this because we’ve been taught that progress has to come in leaps and bounds whereas true growth takes consistent execution over a period of time. As Will Ferrell said, “it takes 10 years to be an overnight success.”

A strong HIVE takes commitment, conviction and consistency. Be committed to your HIVE, have the conviction that a strong HIVE will lead you to your mountain tops faster and/or more effectively and consistently develop your HIVE every day to create exponential growth.

Until next time… go lead.


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