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Visit the Clean Technology Zone & the Sparx Pitch Competition- Global Petroleum Show 2017 See Details HERE


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The Global Petroleum Show is the perfect venue to showcase what the future holds for the clean and renewable energy industry, including carbon capture and storage.                           

The Clean Technology Zone and Sparx Pitch Competition at GPS bring together thought leaders to share their insights on energy efficiencies before a global forum.         

Steve Martinson, general manager of AMGAS Services, says GPS is one of the biggest shows in the world and an ideal setting for clean technology initiatives. AMGAS is a leader in hydrogen sulfide treatment.

“It can showcase to clients but it also showcases to other service companies, other service providers, what can be done. If there’s no one pushing all of us forward then we’d probably be a little more stagnant. It’s a little bit of a show off too. People can show what they’ve got and what they’ve done,” says Martinson, whose company will be participating at GPS and giving a clean tech presentation.

“It’s really what our future is about. If we’re not getting better, we’re getting worse. I think it’s important as we keep going forward. It’s a responsibility. We have the minds out there to do it. Why not make things better? Why not make things more efficient? And make this energy industry more responsible and for lack of a better term, better. We can do it. And we should do it,” says Martinson.

“Companies are investing more in this. You have to or you’re on your way out if you’re not working towards optimizing and doing things properly.”        

Worldwide, the clean and renewable energy industries are rapidly growing. Recently, 19 governments and 28 leading world investors – including billionaires Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, George Soros and Saudi Prince Alaweed bin Talal – have committed trillions of dollars over the next 15 years towards clean energy projects. This includes $2.5 trillion from China and a doubling of government funded research and development for clean energy over the next few years in Canada.   

At GPS, the Clean Technology Zone and Sparx Pitch Competition is an exhibition area, innovation theatre and a “Dragons Den” style pitch competition that gives entrepreneurs unparalleled exposure to potential customers and investors in the energy industry. It is where the global business community can see and meet the next generation of big Canadian innovation success stories before they happen.

Iggy Domagalski, chief executive officer of Tundra Process Solutions, which is a presenting sponsor of the pitch competition for clean tech entrepreneurs, says GPS is a perfect venue for such an event.

“It’s the Global Petroleum Show so there’s people from all over the world coming to see these technologies and what better way for a local entrepreneur who has a great oil and gas clean technology to get their word out than having people from all over the world check out your idea and it’s all the right people who will be in the theatre,” says Domagalski, of Tundra which is a supplier and packager of innovative process technologies.

“When oil prices get cut in half, the innovation of beating up your suppliers to lower their rates can only take you so far. Oil producers, end companies in the services supply side of the business really need to start re-looking at how they do things and inventing new technologies.”

The Clean Technology Zone brings together about 20 entrepreneurs who have clean tech ideas, making five-minute pitches during the lunch hour all three days of GPS. The pitches are to a panel of industry judges made up of people in the oil and gas sector and venture capitalists.

“The hope is that these entrepreneurs get their word out for what they’re doing and potentially even get some capital investment and take the next step,” says Domagalski.

“Being environmentally clean is very important. It’s important because it’s being mandated by the government and it’s also important because it’s the right thing to do. Often being clean isn’t only good for the environment it’s actually quite good for the pocketbook because it means you’re doing something more efficient.”

For more information about the Clean Oil Zone, please visit:

STILL NEED TO REGISTER FOR GPS17?  – Global Petroleum Show 2017 – Calgary, Alberta, Canada: June 13-15, 2017  REGISTER HERE

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