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Today! The Energy Dialogues – Come See the Featured Speakers: It's FREE – Global Petroleum Show 2017

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             Sponsored by and Sustainability Television

Welcome to The Energy Dialogues presented at Global Petroleum Show 2017!

A new speaker series at this year’s Global Petroleum Show will feature an array of brilliant thought leaders who have come together to share their ideas, opinions and expertise on a variety of topics facing tomorrow’s energy sectors.

The purpose of The Energy Dialogues is to answer two questions: What is a global sustainable energy future strategy? And more importantly, how do we plan and implement a global sustainable energy strategy?

Chad Park, chief innovation officer of The Natural Step, a not-for-profit organization working in sustainable development, is one of the speakers and his presentation is entitled Is Oil a Dirty Word?

“My talk is going to be about how there are competing visions about Canada’s energy future that are at play. It’s sort of epitomized in matters like oil is dirty and sustainable versus oil is our economic lifeblood,” says Park, who is also director of the Energy Futures Lab, which is a multi-stakeholder forum for collaboration and innovation on energy issues.

“I’m going to be talking about the need to reconcile those visions.”

The Natural Step helps companies and groups to incorporate science-based principles for sustainable growth and into the way they do business and make decisions in different parts of the world.

Another speaker, Les Mottosky, founder and innovation strategist with Zen & Inno, which is an innovation launch pad, will be focusing his talk on Big Oil: From Dictatorship to Leadership.

“I’m basically framing this for the first time in the industry’s history, they’re no longer the de facto entity of the future. Rather than seeing this as a threat, I think it’s a massive opportunity for them. I want to lay out the opportunities that exist in listening to the marketplace and listening to the culture. That’s where their ideas are going to come from,” says Mottosky.

Mottosky has been in business in Calgary for 25 years and he has intentionally avoided the industry in that period for various reasons including its boom and bust element. But now he is excited about it, seeing the potential.

“We’ve got a firm belief that people who love their work make ideas happen. We approach innovation from the inside out . . . We build the confidence and competence loop of the leadership team so that they actually have the tools to execute on any ideas they come up with. We believe that ideas are abundant and completely valueless unless you can actually execute on them,” he says.

The topics of The Energy Dialogues are diverse and intended to be thought-provoking – perhaps even controversial.  The goal of The Energy Dialogues is to open conversations and explore what is possible with unconventional thinking.

“Every person in the world seeks and deserves affordable energy; but with today’s current technologies and resources, the financial and environmental costs of implementation are impractical; leaving it impossible to achieve affordable energy for all. There is no single resolution that reaches a sustainable energy solution, so we seek to bridge science, government regulation, financial investment and shifting public opinion,” says Wes Scott, dmg events Executive Vice President.

The Energy Dialogues run all three days of Global Petroleum Show, and take place on the exhibition floor of BMO Hall E.  Presentations are free to attend with your Global Petroleum Show badge.  Come prepared to share in the dialogue for a brighter sustainable future.

See the full program here

Free to attend with your badge.

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