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Quantum Downhole Systems Completes Successful Underbalanced Ball Seat Millout and Well Cleanout using Dual Coil Milling System and JetVak System.

Quantum Downhole Systems Inc.

January 23, 2017

Utilizing their patented Dual Coiled Tubing (DCT) processes, Quantum completed a comprehensive Dual Coil Milling System (DCMS) millout followed by a JetVak cleanout on the subject well. These operations were part of a comprehensive completions program including hydraulic fracturing beforehand and swabbing after to prepare the well for production. Both operations ran underbalanced; 150m3 of fluid was gained during the milling portion, followed by 67m3 gained during the cleanout for a total of 217m3. The operation was on time and on budget.

The DCMS is a conventional circulation based system that utilizes the Dual Coiled tubing to carry different and isolated circulation mediums to the BHA.  One coil delivers the power fluid to the mud motor that is driving the mill, the other conduit carries a circulation medium (in this case nitrogen)  which does not go through the mud motor, it is released into the well at the top of the downhole connector and is only used to aid in circulation or spotting of chemicals.

The subject well was completed in a sub-hydrostatic reservoir so none of the balls were flowed back after the frac.   Since the DCMS delivers only fluid to the motor, torque is maximized and motor stalls are quickly identified and rectified. The average milling time per port was 38 minutes. The low nitrogen rate of 10 scm was more than enough to maintain circulation and particle transport velocity as 150m3 of load fluid was gained.  After the completion of the milling operation, the same Dual Coiled Tubing string and rig was used to deploy the JetVak™ system into the well. The JetVak BHA contains a venturi  which was used to vacuum  possible remaining wellbore solids and loadfluid and artificially lifts the emulsion to surface inside the second DCT conduit.

The system was  moved through the entire lateral with stops at each frac port, this ensures all the frac sand was removed from the liner and to remove the frac sand where no closure stress resides (between the liner O.D and openhole I.D). The JetVak BHA ran underbalanced by an average of 80 liters per minute (equivalent daily rate 115.2 m3/d); over the 14 hour operation 67 m3 of fluid was lifted. Minimal frac sand was returned indicating that the proppant was staying in place.

By adhering to its mission of ‘Adding Value Through Technology’, Quantum continues to offer unique solutions to E&P operators to aid in the enhancement and development of under-pressured reservoirs. This well exemplified the application of two of Quantum’s technologies.  For more information visit

About Quantum Downhole Systems

Quantum Downhole Systems is a data driven solutions provider that specializes in unique bottom hole equipment and processes. We focus on increasing/enhancing production from depleted or under-pressured horizontal wells.

Quantum Downhole Contact:  

Steven Winkler
President & General Manager
403. 803. 8307 (Calgary)


Dual Coil Milling System (DCMS) significantly improves the ability for operators to remove obstructions such as scale, frac balls and seats or plugs from depleted reservoirs. The DCMS optimizes the milling process allowing operators to more effectively and predictably open or clear wellbores to optimize production or prepare for other remedial work. With this system nitrogen for circulation and power fluid for the motor is kept completely separate from surface, resulting in a myriad of benefits.

The patented JetVak™ bottomhole assembly uses proven jet pump technology to guarantee circulation and removal of wellbore materials from depleted or under pressure reservoirs. Having been deployed in over 1000 wells, it is a proven method to increase production, reduce pump changes, and increase overall well economics.

Q-Vak BHA (a variation of the JetVak™) dynamically captures and quantifies reservoir in-flow data from depleted, under-pressured non-flowing reservoirs. Quantum’s Q-Vak system can also be coupled with multi-set inflate packers to improve the data quality that is collected.


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