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Watchdog Expands Tank Monitoring Capabilities – AFTI Watchdog

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WatchDog can now monitor tanks to provide volume and tank temperature.

WatchDog3 – Tank Monitoring Capabilities

WatchDog has expanded its capabilities to include tank monitoring. Being able to monitor tanks is a crucial factor in safely reducing the need for the daily routine well site visits.

Now the operator knows both the status of their wells and tanks. Producers can be confident that there are no environmental incidents occurring on their lease.

Tank Monitoring Methods – Head Pressure or Burner Management Systems

Method 1: Head Pressure

The simplest way to measure tank volume is to connect a pressure sensor to an available tank fitting to measure head pressure. From there we scale the data to reflect volume in m3.

If there is concern about measuring head pressure from an external tank port a submersible pressure transducer can also be inserted through the top of the tank to measure head pressure while submersed in the fluid. Submersible pressure sensors may be less affected by freezing and clogging.

Method 2: Burner Management Systems

WatchDog3 can use Mod Bus to interact with existing Burner Mangement Systems (BMS). From there we are able to display the information being collected by the BMS online to provide trending and alarms. Alarms can be set based on user preferences and typically include high/low tank volume and low tank temperature.

Contact AFTI Watchdog

Contact: Caleb Pierce
Email: [email protected]
Other Info: Please visit our demo site at to take a Virtual Well Site visit for yourself.

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