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Feature: Surge Energy Uses WatchDog to Detect Leaks, Save on Labour

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Surge Energy recently decided to use WatchDog for injection well leak detection in their Wainwright and Macklin fields near Provost Alberta. Surge is injecting over 7800 cubes of water daily through 90 injection wells. Dan Brown, Chief Operating Officer of Surge, said “automated monitoring of injection well systems is a critical component of our goal to demonstrate Surge’s commitment to environmental safety. The WatchDog system can detect small leaks in less than an hour, giving us an excellent ability to respond immediately should a leak occur. “

Malcom Torpe, Field Superintendent for Surge in Provost, said “Surge Energy has been proactive, getting ahead of the curve to greatly reduce its long term operating expenses. These actions are positioning Surge as one of the most competitive producers in the industry and WatchDog is an integral part of our plan to keep costs down. WatchDog saves us money by automating the capture and entry of pressure and volume data without driving to the well. This automated data capture, which is extremely accurate, also eliminates the requirement for proration.

Not going to the wells every day saves money by reducing traffic on the lease roads and lowering vehicle expenses. It is also a bonus that we can install WatchDogs ourselves.”

Len Johnson, President of AFTI WatchDog, said “We are very pleased that Surge chose us over our competitors. WatchDog has a unique architecture, which utilizes a low cost data acquisition system in the field combined with powerful cloud based analytics. This allows us to offer producers like Surge the best of both worlds – low cost combined with sophisticated leak detection capability. One of the biggest challenges in leak detection is how to detect small leaks in a very short period of time while minimizing the instances of false alarms. Accurate detection of leaks is actually quite complicated due to constantly changing flow rates in many water injection systems. Traditional approaches have typically relied on hard coded values or simple deltas between the source and destinations. This approach leads to many false alarms, which actually reduce the chances of detecting a real leak. We feel that successful leak detection is a function of issuing the fewest possible false positives. That way, when field personnel receive an alarm, they know it’s the real thing and react immediately.”

About AFTI Watchdog:
An Improved Method For Injection Well Pipeline Leak Detection

Contact AFTI Watchdog:
Contact: Caleb Pierce
Other Info: Please visit our demo site at to take a Virtual Well Site visit for yourself.

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