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Taking Primary and Secondary Containment to a New Level – Western Engineered Containment

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When a new project is pitched, or a new facility is being built, there are usually two important conversations that take place long before the shovels hit the dirt: costs and the environment. As companies navigate through this current economic environment, these two topics become the hurdles in which a project must overcome to become a reality. One company, Western Engineered Containment (WEC), has come up with a solution that may provide remedies to both of these hurdles.

WEC - ECSAs one of the most experienced companies in the industry, WEC has provided cutting edge primary and secondary containment solutions since 2012. What makes WEC an industry leader is its commitment to quality and its drive for innovation.  With the help of its innovative computerized robotics, WEC has expanded the use of spray polyurea to maximize its use in the industry.

Compared to the traditional sheet liners, robotically sprayed PrecidiumTM ECSTM (ECS) liners provide a more robust and reliable containment solution due to their elastic properties, seamless construction, and direct adhesion to pilings/penetrations, negating the requirement for piling boots.  Further,   differentiating this innovative liner is its resistance to chemical and physical conditions found in the oil and gas sector. An example of this would be reparability.  The traditional plastic sheet liners can be damaged easily and repairs require finding the damage under a layer of sand.  In contrast, the elastic spray liner is far more puncture resistant and negates the need for ground cover, thus making visual inspection and repairs extremely quick and cost effective.

WEC - Spray LinerWhen designing and constructing a large scale facility, conventional secondary containment installations usually require multiple mobilizations over the duration of facility construction.  In addition to the costs associated with multiple mobilizations, conventional containment systems increase the risk of punctures, tears and burns through the liner during facility construction.  WEC’s spray liner can be applied directly to any surface once construction is complete, eliminating all associated risks.

While any company can say they are industry leaders, WEC has aligned itself with chemical experts Quantum Chemical of St. Albert, Alberta, to formulate its ECS line of polyurea products, and has retained the independent third party lab Sageos Labs for all of its testing. WEC, along with Quantum, hired Sageos to conduct rigorous testing on their ECS liner to determine the physical characteristics and durability of the product under stress tests normally faced in Alberta’s oil and gas sector. The reports (available for download on WEC’s website) found that the innovative ECS spray liner used by WEC is approximately two times more durable than its polyethylene counterpart.  For a good demonstration of the durability of the PrecidiumTM ECSTM product, check out this video that shows its resistance as pressure fills a liner. For a more in-depth look at the findings of the report, visit the technical reports page on

So the next time you need to make a decision on secondary containment, look to a proven technology, and an experienced company, who provide real solutions to the hurdles you may face.

For more information on Western Engineered Containment, go to their website at, or visit one of their locations in Leduc, Calgary, Drayton Valley or Grande Prairie.

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