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Firwin Thermowrap Insulation Blankets – Insulation Solutions for the Oil and Gas Industry

Since 1982, Firwin has been an industry leader when it comes to removable insulation blankets for industrial use, creating customized products for use in applications such as diesel and gas powered generating stations, gensets, on-road and off-road vehicles, as well as steam lines and piping. The diverse industries the company services can be seen in its online product catalogue which features products ranging from mining to marine use.

Gate ValveFirwin Cover








Firwin has recently created a new division called Thermowrap. The Thermowrap division specializes in removable insulation covers for petrochemical, oil and gas, and other industrial applications. These specialized and customizable insulation covers offer a wide variety of benefits, some of which include heat retention and freeze protection, personal protection against burns, sound attenuation as well as energy cost savings.

Firwin Fire Blanket


Firwin Fire Blanket before fire test





Firwin Fire Blanket After


Firwin Fire Blanket after fire test





One of the more innovative products in the Thermowrap line is the company’s ‘Fire Blankets’. Fire Blankets allow protected items to function under fire conditions until emergency procedures can be implemented. Firwin’s Fire Blankets provide a full 30 minutes of protection up to 2000°F, shielding valves, flanges, and other crucial equipment from heat and fire damage.

The company is also quite proud of the product knowledge it has built up in over 30 years of business.  “We have an amazing in-house design team that is able to design and determine the best solutions for any type of need”, said Paul Herman, President of Firwin. “Through our 30+ years of business we have built a large in-house design library. This Library saves significant time in the ordering process and also allows for quick turnaround times providing us with the unique ability to meet almost any deadline.” Firwin’s in-house design library has made them a market leader in the industry.

While Firwin offers many different types of services, its product line can be split into two main categories:FirwinKit

  1. Removable insulation blankets, which can be custom-fitted to match the part(s) to be insulated. Firwin’s blankets are available with various fastening
    systems, and can be designed to withstand heat as high as 2000°F. All of Firwin’s blankets meet the UL2200-standard for Stationary Engines and Generator Assemblies.
  2. Firwin HC hard coat insulation, which is a permanent, high temperature insulation, ideal for limited space applications requiring long-term exposure to high temperatures.


FirwinWhile Firwin’s products are nationally recognized, Brett Herman, Firwin’s Vice President of Sales & Engineering, added that Firwin’s main goal is to build supportive relationships with its customers, aiding them in making the best decisions possible, and most importantly, providing them with peace of mind in their safety.

To learn more about the different services Firwin provides and how they can help you meet your business needs, visit its website at For more information on Firwin’s Thermowrap division, please visit its specialized website at

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