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Winners Make Choices – Hamish Knox – Sandler Training

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Hamish KnoxSandler Training





Hamish Knox; President of Sandler Training in Calgary, Canada

A “winner” is someone who sees themselves as a winner psychologically, not by their net worth, title on their business card or the number of people who buy tickets to see them perform.

Winners understand that success means making choices, but choosing means one or both of a) potentially failing and/or b) saying “no” to another person, both of which we are trained to resist from childhood.

For example, it’s safer to say, “I will lose 4-6 pounds,” instead of saying “I will lose 5 pounds” because the latter goal is seen by non-winners as a nothing but an opportunity to fail.

As Sandler clients hear regularly, “you win or you learn.” If I only lose 4 pounds that’s still better than zero and I might have learned that I need to adjust my weight loss plan to lose 5 pounds.

Don’t think that because winners don’t fear failure that they enjoy it. No one likes to fail, but a winner sees failure as a growth opportunity instead of a definition of their self-worth.

Because we are social animals, we are hard wired to say “yes” to another person; however, while saying “yes” might give us a temporary dopamine rush we might be pulled further away from our goals.

Winners apply a filter of “does ________ advance me to my goals,” where <blank> is the activity they are considering.

For example, if I have an endurance race tomorrow and my friend who I haven’t seen in three years calls to invite me out for a drink, which will keep me out past the goal I set for going to bed, as a non-winner I think, “I’ll just deal with being tired tomorrow,” while as a winner I apply the “does __________” filter and instead suggest that we meet for a mid-afternoon coffee or invite my friend out after the race.

Some of you are thinking, “what happens if your friend is only in town for one night?” That’s fair.

Winners are also comfortable with risk. In the scene above there’s a risk that if my friend isn’t available for coffee or is leaving early the following day we might never see each other again. That’s a low risk, but non-winners see every risk as a GIANT AND COLOSSAL, which causes them to run around attempting to get their need for approval met at the expense of achieving their goals.

Winners understand that their brain is hard wired to prevent them from achieving their goals so instead of setting wishy washy goals like, “I’ll exercise 2-3 times per week” they say, “I’ll exercise 2 times per week” and give themselves permission to stretch to 3 times per week when 2 times becomes comfortable.

Non-winners can’t articulate the path to their mountain top. Three years ago I set a non-winner goal of tripling my business the following year. If you said, “how ya gonna do that,” my answer would have been “I’ll figure it out.” Winners don’t “figure things out,” they have at least the skeleton of a plan to achieve a goal worked out before they start. A winner might set a goal of tripling their business in one year, but they will clearly understand what needs to be done by when to reach that goal.

Stop setting wishy-washy goals and attempting to define your self-worth by pleasing others.

Until next time… go win.

About HAMISH KNOX, PRESIDENT – Sandler Training

As a licensed member of the global Sandler network, Hamish works with COPs (Chief Executives, Owners and Presidents) who seek the edge an accountable, growth driven organization has over their competition.

Hamish worked in sales across a variety of industries including media, communication services, software and professional sports before joining the Sandler network, which melded his passions for sales and education. Early in his Sandler career Hamish was anointed a Sandler “Rising Star” for quickly building his business and helping fellow Sandler colleagues with their businesses.

Hamish is a former Sandler Global Rookie of the Year, is a current member of Sandler’s Franchisee Advisory Council and his book, Accountability the Sandler Way was published in November 2014.

Committed to giving back so other entrepreneurs can enjoy the same opportunities he had when he launched his business, Hamish is an active mentor with Futurpreneur Canada, is a Maple Leaf Club donor to Enactus Canada and is a volunteer judge for regional and national student entrepreneur competitions.


Sandler Training provides training solutions and consulting for small- to medium-sized businesses as well as corporate training for Fortune 1000 companies. We will work with you to identify the training solution that best suits you or your organization.

We’ve built our training programs on the concepts of incremental growth and change — supported by reinforcement, business coaching and accountability. We accomplish this through our innovative programs, progressive use of technology, and our network of over 200 global training centers, which is unsurpassed by any other organization in the training industry.

Sandler has more than three decades of experience helping professionals like you grow and businesses like yours succeed. We have both the reputation and the results to prove it! If you’re looking to move up to the next level then learn more about our various training solutions to the left or contact us to let us know how we can help

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