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ENERGY INNOVATION FEATURE: Long Chain ReClaim – Transform Contaminants into Water and a Minute Amount of CO2

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Long Chain Reclaim Ltd. (LCR), in association with F4 Environmental Inc., has the developed technology to transform hydrocarbon contaminants into water and a minute amount of carbon dioxide through a 100% environmentally safe process. Our technology has the ability to change the world’s perception of oil related industries by providing a sustainable bioremediation solution for long-chain hydrocarbons.


Long Chain’s service offerings are able to treat hydrocarbon impacted soil and water in an extremely cost effective manner compared to historical alternative methods.

Long Chain is able to treat 20-40% more sites on the same budget.

  1. We treat the whole spectrum of hydrocarbons. BTEX, F1, F2, F3, & F4 fractions (C10-C50+)
  2. Our treatment processes eliminates the need to haul anything off site.
  3. We offer both in-situ and ex-situ.
  4. We are able to treat 1000 cubic meters of soil per day via the ex-situ application.
  5. In-situ is very little ground disturbance.

Long Chain Reclaim has the innovative technology, the entrepreneurial expertise and above all the commitment to environmental and socio-economic issues to provide our clients with fast and efficient service. LCR utilizes none-invasive, on site, in-situ, and ex-situ processes. These processes eliminate the costly operations required to remove contaminated material from sites for ‘storage’ at landfills or other facilities.

Long Chain Reclaim specializes in projects in the oil and gas industry to remediate invert cuttings, contaminated soils such as sumps or mud pits, and effected bodies of water. LCR also has extensive experience in brownfield projects (commercial land, underground storage tanks, etc.) in densely populated regions where land and ground disturbances come at a high cost.

Our proven technology can have a significant positive impact on the harmful environmental, social and economic effects that hydrocarbon contaminations cause. By focusing on an environmentally sustainable solution, LCR promotes a cleaner environment that leads to a healthier society which in turn creates a stronger economy.

Download the Long ReClaim Brochure

Long Chain Reclaim is a Canadian company based in Alberta. In early 2020, LCR was established as the operations division of F4 Environmental Inc. to market their bioremediation technology internationally. In 2009, F4 Environmental Inc. began developing breakthrough processes and procedures in hydrocarbon bioremediation. Over the last 10 years, F4 Environmental Inc. has worked with a wide range of companies on over 80 different projects to continuously prove the efficacy of its unique technology.

Visit the Long Chain ReClaim Website

For More Information Contact:

Mike Myshak

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