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Eliminate Waste Gas Safely with the Emission Rx Combustor

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For companies looking to affordably reduce emissions and eliminate nuisance gases, EnviroVault is proud to be the exclusive distributor of Emission Rx Combustors.


Wes Lysack, EnviroVault’s business development representative, is focused on customer input. “We’ve listened to the concerns of operators” says Lysack. “They told us that the ideal combustor would be safe for both people and the environment, would operate quietly, would be robust enough to operate in all the conditions that the Canadian environment can dish out and last but not least, is easy to use.”

Eliminate Waste Gas Safely with the Emission Rx Combustor - EnviroVault 1

Wes Lysack, (EnviroVault LP customer site photo)


EnviroVault’s ERX combustor addresses the concerns identified by operators and takes it a step further when it comes to safety and operability. This design offers features that differentiate it from the other combustors on the market and make it efficient and affordable for both new installs and retrofits.

  • Operator Safety: Designed to maintain a ‘cool to the touch’ outer shell, operators don’t have to worry about potential burns, or the possibility of igniting nearby debris that may come in contact with the combustor.
  • Backflash Control: Internal flame arrestors are included in all designs. Air intakes are installed at least three meters away from ignition sources (Class 1 area) and are directed away from equipment and personnel.
  • Quick Install: Install crews are supplied everything they need for a quick setup. With a flat, compact surface to place it on, ERX combustors can be installed in under an hour. They also include a self supporting concrete base eliminating the need for guide wires, piles or external support structures.
  • Easy Retrofit: The compact design results in a small on site footprint, making it easy to add to existing sites.
  • Trusted Equipment: ERX combustors use industry leading, Profire™ Controls and in-house designed ‘SMART’ ignition systems to provide reliability and operator familiarity.
  • Affordability: The efficient, compact design ensures that ERX combustors meet all the needs of the industry without requiring a large capital investment and because multiple units can be transported at once, customer often realize substantial savings in transportation costs.

“ERX Combustors are designed and engineered to eliminate nuisance gasses from several common sources like casing gas, tanks and pneumatics, and in a wide range of conditions” says Lysack.

Eliminate Waste Gas Safely with the Emission Rx Combustor - EnviroVault 2

“These features & benefits really separate us in the market and provide our customers with a lasting, dependable product. If you are looking for reliable, consistent performance in any condition, EnviroVault’s ERX Combustors are the right choice.”

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