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How Do We End The Blockage on Oil & Gas – A One Day Conference in Calgary: Saturday – January 18, 2020 – See Details & Tickets HERE

Tickets can be found at

It’s a New Year and for many Albertans it feels like we are long overdue for a New Deal for the West. For those in the energy industry a New Deal isn’t just preferable, it’s ESSENTIAL.

The energy industry is under attack. 2019 saw the government in Ottawa continuing to impose its blockade on western RESOURCES creating a serious threat not only to our industry, but to Alberta’s future and the long-term prosperity and strength of Canada.

Those who wish to preserve the promise of our industry and our nation continue to look for options to end this blockade, an unprecedented challenge that threatens the quality of life of all Canadians.

In negotiating with Ottawa it is imperative that we understand our options. Is more autonomy a credible option? Could it be effective? What would it mean for Alberta and our industry? If we are able to show Ottawa that we are open to as much autonomy as necessary to secure a fair deal might Ottawa come to the negotiation table with a more reasonable position?

For that reason I wanted to share that Alberta Proud, a grassroots group that celebrates the uniqueness of Alberta, in collaboration with Canadians for Democracy and Prosperity and Buffalo Project, will host a one-day “Value of Alberta” conference to examine Alberta’s place in Confederation.

Alberta Proud spokesperson Becca Polak commented, “We think that all Albertans who are concerned about these issues will benefit from this conference. No matter how you feel about separation or more autonomy for Alberta it is useful to understand where Alberta stands today, how we got here, and the options that are available to us in the future. The conference will explore all options including those that aren’t necessarily autonomy but represent as much autonomy as necessary for Alberta to regain control of its future.”

Announced Keynote speakers include:

  • Dr. Ted Morton on “What we’ve tried before: Was the ‘West Wants In’ a worthwhile failure or just a failure?”
  • Conrad Black on “Is there a Canadian Manifesto without Alberta?”
  • and a panel on “The Economic Value of Alberta” with prominent Alberta economist Dr. Jack Mintz and former Federal Finance Minister Joe Oliver
  • plus several more panels covering everything from social issues to Indigenous interests

More details and tickets can be found at and are just $59 in advance (they’ll be $99 at the door). I hope you will attend and also encourage you to share with your networks as this exploration and discussion deserves our attention in pursuit of advocacy for our industry.


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