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CapitalNow shows continued growth, customer retention and expansion into the United States market

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Capital Now began operations in 2007 and hasn’t looked back. Accounts receivable financing is the purchasing of accounts receivables at a discount. This is the business Capital Now is in. Businesses need capital to operate and to grow — and sometimes they need it before clients can pay for completed work.

Also known as factoring, accounts receivable financing is a $130 billion industry in the US alone and allows a small or medium-sized business to get their money immediately. It’s a common solution for everyday cash flow needs, or for temporary cash crunches associated with timing problems or rapid growth. Businesses can use this immediate capital to pay employees and operating expenses and to purchase orders to continue their growth.

Most recently, founder and CEO Gerry Wawzonek and his team opened up their first office in Austin, Texas. “With the addition of Capital Now USA. We are now at close to twenty full-time employees and while it may be intuitive to think of our business as one that is counter-cyclical, in actual fact we are always primed for growth regardless if the economy is in an upswing or slump,” said Wawzonek.

Year after year, Austin gets top marks for its quality of life. It’s the 11th largest city in the US with all the positive attributes of a smaller town: quality healthcare, low crime rates, affordable housing, outstanding schools, and a low cost of living.

“As a company with operations in both the US and Canada we are very in tune with the culture of the province and abroad and we really do embrace the entrepreneurial frontier spirit that so many business owners embody out here and in Texas.”

Like Calgary, Austin hosts a highly educated, bilingual, multi-tiered workforce and a passion for success. The city’s population offers skill sets that ranges from high-end technology design, development and marketing to back-office operations that help customers with everything from banking services to video game support.

For a lot of companies like new entrant Capital Now, Texas is a business-friendly destination. There’s no personal state income tax and wages are competitive. In Austin there is a thriving business base that includes enterprises in technology, digital media, clean energy and life sciences, advanced manufacturing and data centers. It’s a dynamic business ecosystem that has provided consistent growth for some of the world’s most successful companies, including Dell, Whole Foods Market, eBay, and Facebook.

Already, Capital Now USA has provided a $100,000 to an excavation company. Capital Now deals on a professional level. The company’s many clients enjoy working with Gerry and his team given how flexible and understanding they are of their client’s situation.

“We are not nearly as dictated by procedure and policy like the big banks are which is a big help for us and our clients,” said Wawzonek. “This type of financing helps company’s free up capital that is stuck in unpaid obligations. Accounts receivable financing also transfers the default risk associated with the accounts receivables to the financing company.”

Learn more about CapitalNow by visiting their website:

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