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WATCH: Oil in the Classroom – What Would Happen if We Kept Oil in the Ground released the clip today as such strikes often feature unrealistic platitudes such as “keep oil in the ground,” rather than recognizing the complexities of such demands.

“Children should know that their bicycle tires, soles for their shoes and laminate on their textbooks are all made in part with oil products,” said President Colin Craig. “Calls to simply keep oil in the ground are unrealistic. Doing so would also mean giving up your cell phone, classroom recycling bins, hockey pucks, white board markers and countless other products.”

“It’s important to have a rational discussion about climate change rather than the hysteria and unrealistic platitudes that so often dominate the discussions right now,” added Craig. has been working on natural resource development research, examining the economic opportunities that Canada is missing out on, particularly in the mining and oil and gas sectors.

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