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With Factual Information About  the Canadian Energy Industry


August 21, 2019
Calgary, Alberta
Enerpoint iMedia Corp. (Enerpoint iMedia Corp.) is Pleased to Announce the Launch of an
“ENERGY STRONG” Canada GOFUNDME Awareness/Advocacy Campaign. 


The ENERGY STRONG Canada  GOFUNDME Awareness & Advocacy Campaign will be a campaign intended to INFORM, EDUCATE, DISPEL MYTHS, EMPOWER  and  UNITE Canadians with concise, accurate facts and information about Canada’s responsible, innovative and ethical  energy industry.

The campaign will be ON-GOING, BEFORE and AFTER the October 2019 Federal Election, regardless of results.  Awareness does not stop with an election as there will continue to be a need to educate and inform Canadians about their country’s #1 revenue producer.

The campaign’s goal is to reach more Canadians on a consistent basis that are not directly tied to the Canadian energy industry but benefit from it through secondary job creation, social programs, enhanced health care, education, infrastructure projects and much more.

Through ENERGY STRONG and its ongoing campaign, Canadians will be provided with factual information on a Canadian energy industry that is leading the world in environmentally responsible production practices, innovation and research dedicated to the development of  more renewable sources of energy. Canada can lead the world in renewables, but this requires a strong existing energy industry to lead and develop Canada’s energy future.

“The establishment of this campaign comes at a critical time for the Canadian energy industry,”  says Terry Winnitoy, Co-Founder, Director of  “The vast majority of Canadians do not live in proximity to the energy industry or are not aware of its importance  to the Canadian economy.  As a result, many Canadians are being unfairly influenced by anti-energy rhetoric, political agendas, foreign funded groups and uninformed activists who are out to influence policies, stall approved projects or tie-up projects in the courts that benefit ALL Canadians.  They are out to tear down an energy industry Canadians from coast to coast have built and are proud of.  We believe informed Canadians will be less susceptible to these influences.”

The campaign is being established as a result of  requests from the natonal audience. The  ENERGY STRONG Canada Awareness & Advocacy Campaign  will focus on the importance of all areas of  Canadian energy development including oil and gas, wind, hydro, solar etc.

“Regardless of your political stripe, the Canadian Energy industry plays a vital role in Canada’s economy and Canadians as a whole need to be better informed,” adds Dan King, the other Co-Founder, Director of  “While we acknowledge there are some great advocacy groups out there like Cody Battershill and Canada Action, who we support and work with, we believe even more fact based research, creation of content and distribution is needed. That research, creation and distribution requires resources…a lot of resources. and ENERGY STRONG is proud to spearhead this initiative, but we need the help of Canadians from coast to coast to make an impact.

This Initial Funding Phase of the  ENERGY STRONG Canada Awareness & Advocacy Campaign is looking to raise $1 million and will allow ALL Canadians to participate, whether you can donate $50 to $500 or more! Everyone who cares about the future of Canada and the future of Canada’s #1 industry can participate. “$1 million sounds like a lot but it’s not in comparison to the federal government recently spending $2.5 million for one study to advocate against the energy industry. That said, we hope to use the Initial Funding Phase much more efficiently and productively to advocate for the Canadian energy industry  than the federal government” adds Winnitoy.

The campaign will fund a team of organizers, researchers, writers, graphic designers, video/podcast producers and social media managers that will develop and distribute the following:

  • ENERGY STRONG Video Campaign Series
  • Infographics
  • Branded images
  • Industry Events/Speakers
  • Interviews and Podcasts
  • Industry Information facts
  • Other Industry Videos
  • Press Releases
  • Feature Stories/Articles
  • Announcements
  • Open Letters
  • Advertising


Let’s ALL Get Involved

Let’s Make Canadians Proud, Make Canada


Any amount you can contribute is greatly appreciated!

To make corporate contributions to this campaign please contact Terry Winnitoy –

Subject Line:  ENERGY STRONG CANADA Contribution

Produced & Distributed


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