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Elections Canada aids in outing Foreign Funded Environmental lobbyists- Targeting foreign interference in the Federal election – Maureen McCall

by Maureen McCall

This week news came out that Elections Canada issued a directive that to run election ads about climate change, environmental groups will have to follow rules.

It’s a great development that groups who claim the right to circumvent rules are being reined in.

In fact, the directive only requires those groups to face rules for third-party advertising that require them to register with Elections Canada, and most importantly submit audits of activity and name their donors.

Yes, name their donors….shining a bright light on foreign influence on Canada’s upcoming Federal Election.

This is appropriate action to safe-guard not only the integrity of Canada’s election but also prevent foreign interference in Canada’s economy.

Researcher Vivian Krause has adeptly exposed the “Tar Sands” campaign, Corporate Ethics, LeadNow, the Pembina Institute, EcoJustice, Tides Canada, the  David Suzuki Foundation and others as receiving funding from foreign sources and specifically from American interests in her insightful posts on

Just as the same lobbyists, under the guise of “charitable organizations”, sought to disrupt the Canada Energy industry, they also are campaigning in Canadian elections.

As recently as April 2019, as researched and reported by Ms Krause, foreign funded LeadNow was supporting Duncan Kinney, Executive Director of Progress Alberta to campaign against Jason Kenney in the April 2019 Alberta election.

In an email exchange between LeadNow and Progess Alberta’ s Duncan Kinney, Kinney writes:

“We’re going into our fourth week of digital door knocking and text banking and it has been incredible. We can talk to a lot of voters in very little time and we’ve identified thousands of supporters that we will be getting out to the polls.”

That’s correct – Door knocking- talking to voters- getting supporters out to the polls – the activities of a political party -obvious meddling in the election process.

So it is very fitting that Elections Canada now requires groups to face rules for third-party advertising that require them to register with Elections Canada, and most importantly submit audits of activity and name their donors. We live in an era of foreign intervention in politics with intent to direct their outcomes and disrupt economies.

Why would foreign interests be focused on Canada’s Federal election, on Alberta’s Provincial election and on Canada’s oilsands?

Wealth is the answer.

Canada has an enormous amount of wealth in our natural resources.

While many countries fret about Energy Security, with our enormous amount of energy available for refinement and distribution, Energy Security in Canada is taken for granted.

In fact, global demand for Canadian heavy oil is high according to IHS Markit’s Oil Sands 10-Year Production Forecast and foreign interests would like to see it land locked and constrained, so their supply can take precedence. Additionally, with the help of “environmental” lobbyists and the dirty oil /tars sands false narrative, US refiners can reap immense profits while they discount Canadian heavy oil. In fact, Canada has the highest environmental standards in the world.

We set a high standard for developing our energy resources in the cleanest possible ways. We also have a world class regulatory process to review the environmental impact of projects.

So Canada in 2019 is faced with the need to develop a strategy for energy security

Elections Canada is helping with their move for registration and more disclosure from “climate change” activists.

For it’s part, the Alberta government is focusing on many measures with better market access for both oil and gas at the forefront.

The Federal Conservative party has a 6 point plan for Energy Security that includes the elimination of foreign interference in the approvals process.

The University of Calgary School of Public Policy has pursued research of the Energy Corridor concept to bring transportation, information and energy infrastructure across Canada.

To explore the development of Energy Security in Canada, the Petroleum Joint Venture Association has assembled a panel discussion of the issues surrounding Canada’s Energy Security- Federal and Provincial cooperation and the Energy Corridor approach with speakers:

Dale Nally, Alberta Associate Minister of Natural Gas,

Kevin Birn-VP, North American Crude Oil Markets, IHS Markit,

Kent Fellows, Research Associate at U of C’s School of Public Policy,

and with a Federal perspective, Greg McLean CIM, MBA- Leader at Criterium Merchant Capital, and previous advisor to two Federal Cabinet Ministers – Harvie Andre, M.P. for Calgary Centre and Jean Corbeil, Minister of Transport.

Thursday September 12th 11:00am to 1:00pm at The Calgary Petroleum Club.

Tickets $50.00 and $60.00.

To Register, go to

This event is sponsored by

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