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As Trudeau’s Bill C-69 Becomes Law, Alberta Calls it a Dark Day for Alberta and Canada

Alberta Energy Minister Sonya Savage

The Trudeau government has finally gotten its way and  passed contentious Bill C-69,  which was also called the ‘no more pipelines’ bill by pro-energy advocates. Alberta is vowing legal challenges to what it sees as an attack on Alberta and national interests.

Energy Minister Sonya Savage and Justice Minister Doug Schweitzer issued the following statement about the proclamation of Bill C-69:

This is a dark day for Alberta and Canada as a whole.


As we have said loudly and repeatedly, this act is an unconstitutional attack on Alberta and our vital economic interests. It will make it virtually impossible for any future pipelines and other critical infrastructure projects that Canadians depend on – including electricity infrastructure and transmission lines, renewables, ports, railways and highways – to be approved in Canada.

This act will further scare away billions of dollars in capital investment and tens of thousands of jobs to the U.S. and other jurisdictions. All Albertans – and Canadians – should be concerned with the disastrous impact this act will have on the economy.

It is baffling that a federal government would proclaim this act when nine out of 10 provinces are opposed to it in whole or in part. And if that weren’t enough, Indigenous groups and trade unions are also on record as objecting to this discriminatory legislation. This is in addition to objections by industry associations and companies directly responsible for making real decisions about investing in Alberta and Canada.

But our government will not just stand by and watch. As we have done since we were first elected, we will bring the fight to Ottawa.

Under the Constitution, Alberta has clear and sole jurisdiction over the development of our natural resources. We will be launching a constitutional challenge against this discriminatory piece of legislation that will only leave a legacy of irreversible impacts on Canadians.

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