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XI Technologies: Celebrating Canadian E&P Accomplishments in the last year


Each week, XI Technologies scans their unique combination of enhanced industry data to provide trends and insights that have value for professionals doing business in the WCSB. This week we’ve dug into our drilling data to give you our biannual Drilling Top Tens. If you’d like Wednesday Word to the Wise delivered directly to your inbox, subscribe here

Canada’s energy industry is not only the most carefully managed, regulated, and environmentally responsible in the world, it’s also one of the most innovative. Canadian E&P companies are continually at the forefront of developing new, more efficient, cost-effective, and low-impact techniques and technology for resource exploration and exploitation. Even though drilling activity in the WCSB is down, that isn’t stopping companies from pushing the technical limits and achieving commendable results.

We occupy a unique position at XI because we house and analyze an enormous drilling database. Our Drilling Services team is usually busy tending to this beast, continually updating the data, developing the analytics built around it so that you can pull from it more intelligent data, and incorporate it easily into your workflows. Twice a year though, we step back to look at the big picture and compile a series of Top Ten lists that showcase the successes of our drilling industry. We believe this is an important reminder that there is a lot of good work being done in the WCSB, and we want to give credit to our Canadian E&P operators.

In our October 16th Blog, we pooled the data from the first half of 2018. Now that the remainder of last year’s data is in, we’ve done some analysis to show how the major players did in 2018 as a whole. If you’d like to compare this with our analysis of 2017, you can find that in our blog from last March.

Following are two examples of E&P achievements from 2018. For the complete list, visit XI’s blog.

If you’d like to find out how you can put this kind of drilling data to work for you, download a case study, or contact us for a quick demo of OffsetAnalyst.

Top 10 operators for new gas production

Which operators achieved the greatest gas production (in mmcf) from wells drilled in the WCSB in 2018? Encana took the first spot from Tourmaline who had it for the first half of 2018, and Tourmaline moved to number two, while the other companies who stayed on the list until the end of the year are Seven Generations, Bellatrix, Birchcliff, Vermilion, Bonavista, and Peyto.

2018 top 10 gas producers (image 1)

Top 10 operators for new oil production

Which operators added the highest cumulative total oil production (in mbbl) from wells drilled in the WCSB in 2018? Seven Generations replaced Crescent Point which was at the top of the list for the first half of last year. Baytex, Encana, and Teine are the other operators who held onto spots in the top ten all the way through 2018.

Check out more “Top Ten” lists including:

Top operators for productive drilling

Top operators for best initial gas rates

Top operators for best initial oil rates

Top 10 new producing gas wells

Top 10 new producing oil wells

About XI Technologies Inc.

XI Technologies provides the data driven solutions that Canadian energy companies need for informed decision making, competitive analysis, A&D scoping, asset planning, business development, drilling, operations, regulatory compliance and risk management.

Want to be able to easily pull stats and other market intelligence like the ones shown here? Contact XI

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